FIFA 18 VS PES 2018 Special

We are back on the football field!

Here we go again, an exciting new football season has begun. Frozen beer, snacks and sofa, for those who do not have the habit of attending stadiums in any weather condition, represent real rituals to be held unquestionably every Sunday afternoon. A little less certain, on the other hand, concerns the choice, at least for gamers who are passionate about football simulations, on which title to choose between FIFA and PES.

For about three years now the rivalry between the two has made itself felt again, as after several years of abyss, Konami has managed to get back on track, presenting a series of chapters "Pessian" really not bad. On the other hand, Electronic Arts certainly did not stand by, implementing not only new game modes but updating its graphics engine to the more realistic Frostbite. Now, we at, will try to have our say regarding the upcoming PES 2018, which will be available in the middle of the month and FIFA 18, instead of being available later this month.

Frostbite VS FOX Engine

Let's start with the graphic engine that characterizes the two titles. Before Electronic Arts implemented his Frostbite, Pro Evolution SoccerWhile it didn't shine for gameplay, it still managed to maintain a certain advantage in terms of visual quality and pre- and post-race presentation. Now this difference has narrowed considerably, in that FIFA 18 can count on a spectacular graphics engine, the result of the hard work done by the developers who, after the first "experiment" with FIFA 17, this year have learned to take full advantage of the new engine. The new Real Player of FIFA 18 introduces Real Player animation technology. The system responsible for the greatest evolution of game features in the history of the series. This innovative system unlocks a new level of responsiveness and player personality. Now Cristiano Ronaldo and the other champions move exactly like on the real field.

PES instead offers its flagship, or the Fox engine accompanying several Konami titles. The Graphic Engine has now reached its maturity and Konami herself has declared that the level of realism achieved thanks to Real Capture is truly amazing. Benefits include photorealistic stadium lighting for day and night matches, sports fields and changing room tunnels recreated from more than 20.000 complex elements collected at the Camp Nou and Signal Iduna Park. Various players were analyzed with motion capture in realistic settings, allowing a complete overhaul of the animation system, starting with basic movements such as walking, turning and body posture. The models of the players are even more varied and detailed with a special attention to how the game uniforms fit on different physicists.

On this point, in addition to telling you that both titles are in great shape, we cannot advise you which of the two to choose as the choice is purely personal.


Better PES or better FIFA?

First of all, we must remember that the two titles start from two different premises. Although they have some points of contact, they also have many differences. We will not dwell much, just consider that always, FIFA was born as a simulation title, many might turn up their noses, considering the turn that the Electronic Arts title has taken lately, but like it or not, the goal has always been to create a full-fledged simulation. Tactics has always been a cornerstone of every match and the careful management of it, momentum aside, can change the fate of any match. PES discipline instead è par excellence a more arcade title, which leaves a lot of freedom to the player, limiting tactics to a minimum. It is also true that even this difference, starting from last year, has been slightly limited. The action is now more reasoned and complex and the new set-piece management systems implemented in PES 2018 are proof of this.

Now we will move on to analyze what are the peculiar characteristics of the new PES 2018 and FIFA 18.

PES 2018:

  • Playability at the highest level - The gameplay has been refined and further balanced in order to recreate the authenticity of this wonderful game, including a more realistic gameplay speed. The Strategic Dribbling allows the player to have greater control in the possession phase, with the possibility of better protection of the ball, allowing with the simple use of the analog stick to obtain more precise and realistic movements to deceive the intervention of the defender. Real Touch +, or the evolution of Real Touch Control, adds a new dimension to ball control, with the ability to manage it with almost any part of the body, thus imprinting unpredictable movements on the ball. Set pieces have been revamped with a new free-kick and penalty-kicks system, along with the ability to choose the new one-player kick-off system.
  • Control - Experience the feeling of total control in ball possession and the ability to make small and decisive movements to hold the ball or create spaces
  • Physicality - Intelligent ball control allows you to keep the ball away from physically strong players
  • Strategic dribbling- Manage the moment you touch the ball thanks to the simple use of the analog stick, avoid the defender's foot with dribbles and feints with the precise use of the stick.
  • Real Touch + - Smoother ball control thanks to realistic movements using various parts of the body such as the chest, stomach and thighs.
  • opponents - Players will be more attentive when they receive the ball, often placing their body between the opponent and the ball, which will be more evident in physically stronger players.
  • Realistic flask - A more sophisticated reproduction of the physics of the ball increases the realism of the ball in the rebounds, with the most skilled players who will be able to react more naturally to different game situations.
  • New set pieces settings available - The improved control thanks to the removal of the guideline will allow great plays and a more natural control, thanks also to the new options of the framing to give the user a better view. Watch movements and physical fights in the box as you prepare to kick a corner, and thanks to the many strategic options to choose from when shooting from the flag, the result will be even more effective.

FIFA 18:

FIFA has undergone significant changes when it comes to gameplay. Now the pace of the game turns out to be even more staid and reasoned which favors more the physicality and less the speed of the players. The feeling of control of the team has remained substantially unchanged, but it will be necessary to adapt to the new rhythms of the game on which the new FIFA 18 is based. The slowness of the movements, the greater strategic component of the matches and a more physical control system, certainly represent features not to be underestimated. We do not yet know if they will be able to keep their quality unchanged for the 90 minutes of the game, it is still early to say, but surely Electronic Arts is not afraid to dare.

Key features:

  • Personality of the players - Ronaldo's signature punishment, Sterling's unique changes of direction and Griezmann's technique. In FIFA 18 they will all be recognizable, because for the first time ever the movements, dimensions and attributes influence the movements of the players on the pitch.
  • Dribbling improvements - New dribble mechanics allow you to confidently tackle defenders with precise touches, tighter direction changes and offensive assaults with unprecedented dynamism!
  • New commands for crosses - Kick a straight ball in the center, place it soft for the attacker's insertion or try to serve a teammate in depth. New cross controls provide more options from the wing! New styles of play - From tiki-taka to high pressing, the new team styles bring the tactics of the best clubs in the world to the pitch of FIFA 18. The new Player Positioning grants more opportunities to read play over time and space, while improved tactics provide more options for players, with new entries and ongoing support on the ball.
  • Engaging atmospheres - With realistic sun position, compelling weather management, signature pitchside encounters, debris on the pitch, club and stadium specific banners, adaptive commentary and variable pitch quality, FIFA 18 will bring the game to life. most engaging football experience ever. Hear the real chants grow as you attack, unleash realistic emotions after every goal and interact with the fans during the celebrations.
  • Legends of the past, called 'Icons', including: Ronaldo Nazário. Maradona. Pele. Ronaldinho. FUT ICONS are coming to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team. Play with some of the greatest football legends. Trace the history of each ICON by reliving the most exciting phases of their extraordinary careers.
  • Ability to set standard substitutions at the start of the game, to be done with a single button when the ball leaves the field.

New modes and licenses

Electronic Arts has already given a dusting of the game modes present last year, thanks to a mode FIFA ULTIMATE TEAM renewed, the weekly FUT Champion's, the Challenges and the "The Journey”That this year will see us again wearing the shoes of the talented Alex Hunter. In particular, the chapter structure, with short-term objectives, provides Alex Hunter with new stimuli as he faces the second season of his promising career. He will have the opportunity to try his hand at various competitions in the main leagues around the world.

Among the new features in FUT we have:

  • Squad Battles - Compete for rewards in the new Squad Battles single player mode. Take on the other squads of the FUT community to earn rewards and climb the leaderboard. In the special Squad Battles you will also be able to challenge squads of real footballers, professional FIFA players and celebrities to test your skills in building your squad.
  • Opening packages through the Frostbite engine.
  • Champions Channel - Watch the games of the best players in the world playing the Weekend League. Check the playback speed and the camera during the matches of your favorite pros to learn their secrets and improve the level of your game!

PES 2018 instead introduces the cooperative mode 2 against 2 and 3 against 3 that fans have been asking for a while, new features in myClub and in the historical Master League:

Integration with PES LEAGUE

Ability to compete in eSports challenges with myClub.

Improvements in scouting auctions

New features available including a database that will aid in the search for a specific player, history of previous auction results and Automatic Bidding functions for the final bidding phase.

myClub CO-OP Online

Form your CO-OP team with your team united with that of your friends. Cooperation is a key element in the strategy that leads to victory. Only for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Master League challenges and goals

At the beginning of the season you will be given a series of objectives and challenges, based on the potential of your team, it will be important to achieve these results in order not to lose your job

Pre-season tournaments

Play against the big teams before the season begins.

Improved transfer system

Various new elements have been added such as release clauses in player contracts

Improved appearance

New appearance of the menus across the various modes, with the inclusion of pre-match interviews in the important challenges and images from the changing rooms
Only for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Random selection match

By popular demand, this mode returns with even more gameplay options and new graphics. Choose the criteria for the players you want and play with the players selected for your team.

Exchange system

Once you own your players, try out some negotiation for the players you want to trade while keeping the non-transferable players, putting your strategic skills to the test.

As for the licenses, FIFA once again wins hands-on having practically fired all the major leagues. Of course Konami has again managed to make rather important agreements, in addition to Barcelona, ​​Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool, 5 other teams have been added including Valencia, Porto and Inter and the stadiums have gone from 30 to 36. Oh let's not forget the Champion's League and Europa League, which once again are exclusive to PES. There is still work to be done but the direction taken by Konami is the right one.

Release dates:

PES September 18 - 14 on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

FIFA 18 - 29 September on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Final comment

This year the challenge is really tough, PES has introduced many new features, while keeping faith with its arcade spirit, Konami has also sought a more simulation-oriented approach. There is less of that sense of intricacy than in the past, but there is still a lot to do to obtain the freedom of movement that offers the direct rival. The game action is more reasoned and the new set piece tactics promise truly uncertain outcomes. Electronic Arts on the other hand, has not revolutionized its formula, the most tangible improvements are related to the graphics engine, now the glance is truly remarkable and to an even richer and deeper FUT mode than ever before. Which one to buy then between the two? It would be easy to say: "buy what appeals to you" and we would close the matter. But no, we really want to tell you ours and therefore we say FIFA 18, as it convinces us more than a PES 2018, which despite having all the cards on the table, also seems to have too many new elements and we do not know if overall they will be able to work all perfectly.


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