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One two, quick passes and lots and lots of training!

After our guide on the FUT mode and on how to perform all the feints in the new chapter by Electronic Arts, we have decided to make another small guide on how to become masters of FIFA 18 and in particular of FUT.

However, a premise is necessary. The gameplay this year has not been changed but compared to chapter 17, there are some small but important changes. First let's start by telling you that the opposing AI has been refined and made more "human", in fact the CPU will behave like a real-life player or almost. He will build various and reasoned game actions, if in the lead, he will tend to put himself on the defensive by closing every passing line. It may also make mistakes and this is where we need to be quick and take advantage of it. Forget a suffocating possession that won't make you recover the ball, now the local matches are finally playable.

To approach them in the best way you will need a minimum of preparation, especially if you play FUT and the new mode Squad Battles, where each opposing team, in addition to often having above average players, will also adopt precise customized schemes and tactics. So, not only look at the team overall but especially by moving the right analog stick up, in the opponent selection screen, check which tactic is used and adapt accordingly. Tiki Taka, Dribbling or balanced attack will lead the CPU to create always different actions. Use appropriate players and reasoned schemes. Don't get stuck in always using the classic 4 3 3 that could leave you uncovered on more than one occasion.

Use the special menu to prepare for the match, decide whether to approach the match more on the defensive than on the offensive and try not to be hasty. Often vary the type of passage, as the CPU will hardly be overcome more than once by the same game. Our advice is to play the ball a lot in midfield, fast passes, possibly first in order to open some space and throw the attacker towards the opponent's goal. Especially at the higher levels of play, let's say from legend onwards, the CPU will be really ruthless. You will have to think quickly, move the right levers and press the keys at the right time. Even if you are in front of the door face to face with the goalkeeper, do not try to score the goal of the year, do not procrastinate, be cynical, pass, stop, aim and shoot. If you lose that fraction of a thousandth of a second, the defender on duty will recover you and we guarantee that the intervention to stop you will be worthy of the best Nesta.

Your forays must be varied, so use low passes when playing the ball in midfield, one two fast so that our player attacks the spaces and try to minimize long balls. The use of the so-called 99% calibrated lobs will make you lose the ball, especially if the opposing defense has tall and physically strong players. To overcome them play low, throw the outside attackers with triangle / Y button (through ball) and cross in the middle. You will see that the defense will go into trouble by often giving you a corner kick. To make the most of this opportunity, call the second player near the flag, pass him the ball and cross immediately, you will see that your player will be able to take the ball with his head and hit it in a sort of calibrated lob on the far post that not even the best Buffon will easily manage to take. I have tried this tactic several times and let's say that at least half of the times I scored. If you want to learn all the secrets of the game, rely on the tutorials and challenges, in this way you will be able to better master the controls and the news of this year.

Needless to say, groped to get to the goal by discarding opponents like pins, does not make much sense and does not have much effectiveness. You will be recovered quickly and will therefore have wasted a potential opportunity. Remember, play the ball, basically that's how football is played. The advice also applies to online games and in particular in the Ultimate Team, only with a few small tricks. Reinforce the bands with fast players, even if they have a not exactly very high defense. That way, should your opponent run away, you will have at least a chance to get him back. Unfortunately, this aspect in online modes continues to cause disturbance, as very often even players with 73 speeds, using the appropriate analog stick to stretch the ball, will be infirm. So our advice is to stall, avoid that the opponent can make Boltian shots and possibly take advantage of the tackles. We are not telling you to take down the opponent from behind, but to take advantage of any holds in your favor, inexplicably less effective than in the past, but always useful to stop the opponent's attack in extremis or the slips at the right time.

Also do not forget to take advantage of the quick commands via the directional arrows. Swap outfielders, apply pressure when needed, and hit the counter if you have the right opportunity. Remember to also use dynamic substitutions via the R2 button especially to change midfielders. Everything passes by them and if they are tired, the whole team will suffer. If you need some little tactical advice, I personally prefer to use a physical center striker, as it is able to protect the ball better and has more chances to do a door with opposing defenders than faster players, for example Gomez, but physically inferior. Fast wings on the flanks, both as AS / ES, AD / ED and both as TS and TD. It is useless to put a player with 83 defense and a low 70 speed. Always use high DCs and with an acceptable speed, minimum 65. In midfield, however, as a CDC or defensive midfielder, always prefer a physical player, with good defense and good speed, even if technically he is not excellent. While the other midfielders, it is better to choose them based on the technique, in this way it will be easier to build the game and finalize the action.

As for the squad you will use, remember to always have a replacement for each role in order to always have fresh changes and save on expensive physical forms.

I think that's all, the advice also applies to the other offline (career for example) and online (divisions) modes.

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