Fastweb: Internet, telephone and mobile offers updated April 2022 

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new Fastweb offers for internet, landline and mobile telephony are designed to ensure maximum connection to customers. These are affordable plans, which offer the best in terms of speed and which ensure the best offer at a price that is always locked.

The proposals made available exploit as always cutting-edge technologies, in compliance with a company policy that over the years has been able to intercept an increasingly broad consensus among consumers.

Fastweb offers for the home

One of the most interesting proposals formulated by Fastweb includes advantageous solutions for fixed telephony. This is the case with the new one Fastweb Home offer, which with 27,95 euros per month provides unlimited calls to fixed numbers and to all national mobile phones, with no connection fee.

In the package, of course, it is also included unlimited Internet at the maximum speed available, therefore from 1 Gigabit / s in download in the areas reached by the optical fiber, and up to 20 Mega / s for areas reached by ADSL, with intermediate speeds in the presence of FTTN, Vula e BS NGA.

Online streaming and gaming services

With unlimited calls and internet, the Fastweb Home Offer can also combine a digital service to meet the needs of the youngest.

Those who love online gaming or streaming TV series, in fact, can satisfy their passions, because periodically the company offers the possibility of including in the offer an extra service of your choice free for 12 months, such as for example Xbox Live e PlayStation Plus.

The efficiency of the FASTGate modem

Those who subscribe to the Fastweb Casa Offer can have access to the latest generation technology of Modem FASTGate, a device with maximum power capable of providing the Wi-Fi signal even in the most peripheral corners of the home.

FastGate has all the technical features to enjoy maximum Fastweb performance and ensures connection stability even in the presence of multiple connected devices.

The service is included in the price of the Fastweb Casa Offer at this time WOW FI, which allows users to connect to the internet for free even outside the home. This is made possible by the structured Wi-Fi network guaranteed by the company, which currently boasts over one million access points available.

Fastweb also offers Wow Space, that is the cloud to store videos and images in complete safety, always storing them in their original formats: when not included in the current offer, it can still be requested and added to the service at an annual cost of € 9,95.

Choose Fastweb as operator

adhere to the Offer, simply check the type of coverage that the operator offers in the affected area. If you want more information, you can also contact the network to find out the opinions of Fastweb Casa and have useful insights on available offers.

If you currently have a different telephone operator, switch to Fastweb it is very simple and does not involve too long waiting times. Generally speaking, we are talking about times that can reach thirty days, but in most cases the option is activated with much shorter deadlines.

In any case, you can monitor it at any time activation status of the line even in perfect autonomy: just connect the modem supplied by Fastweb to the telephone line or to the fiber and check the signal to turn on the lights on the device.

It should be noted that the transition to Fastweb takes place without any contractual obligation. This means that you can abandon the selected offer at any time, without having to wait for any deadline.

Of course, the monthly cost is to be considered fixed. This means that, with the passage of time, the offer is not subject to any increase.

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