E3 2016, EA Originals program presented

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Joel Fulleda
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Helping minor developers.

The goal of the program is to ensure that all profits go back to the hands of the developer, so that they can continue to innovate at their best, presenting their ideas.

The first title included in the program EA Originals is called "Fe"(Whose trailer is present at the end of the news), or a wordless game about our relationship with nature, a celebration of our desire to be one with the world around us, a story that remember that everything is connected (in a language of music that will allow you to communicate with the forest and the surrounding creatures) in a delicate balance that is constantly threatened; you will wake up as a puppy in a dark forest without having the slightest idea of ​​how you got there and above all who you are but you can explore the world around you by climbing to the top of the trees.

You will have to get by on your own, living your own personal experience that will frighten, delight and amaze you: your discoveries will be yours and nobody else's.

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