CES 2012: Samsung presents the 55-inch Super Oled TV

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Samsung presented during his keynote from Consumer Electronics Show of Las Vegas a number of novelties including a new model of Super Oled TV 55-inch equipped with facial recognition and Smart Interactions.

This TV allows you to have ultra-defined, detailed and stable images thanks to the Super Oled technology which has a response time 1000 times faster than a normal LED.

The model presented also confirmed the versatility of interaction with other devices thanks to the new version of Smart Hub, which integrates new dedicated and more powerful applications.

The arrival on the market is expected by the year 2012 also in the 75-inch version.

Extreme image quality and premium content

Samsung goes beyond the boundaries of home entertainment and extends the possibilities of content on Smart TVs with the first super OLED TV and the new ES8000 LED TV.

THEES8000 redefines the management, access and home entertainment experience of consumers, thanks to a dual-core processor that guarantees multitasking: you can browse the web and download applications at the same time. There is also a wide range of content accessible through Samsung Apps, the best TV app platform on the market today.

Continuing its path of innovation and anticipation of the technologies of the future, Samsung introduces a TV that offers unprecedented sensations and inaugurates a new category of televisions long awaited by the market: it arrives ES9000, the first true 55 ”Super OLED TV produced by Samsung. As the winner of the CES 'Best of Innovations 2012', Samsung capitalizes on its long experience in developing OLED products by bringing it to large TV screens. Samsung's proprietary Super OLED technology is the perfect combination of bright colors, slim design and speed and is capable of delivering highly realistic images, high color accuracy and smooth movement in the most dynamic scenes. The new Samsung super OLED TV, which boasts all the Smart Interaction, Samsung Apps, 3D and multitasking features, represents the TV of the future.

Samsung's goal for the TV market is to further consolidate its leading position in the SMART TV category through three technological strands: Smart Interaction, Smart Content and Smart Evolution.

Smart Interaction - in a reality made up of increasingly smart, accessible and rich contents, Samsung is evolving the ways of interacting with the TV: the Smart Interaction function allows you to communicate through voice, movement and facial recognition control. The integrated video camera and dual microphone allow you to activate voice commands with a simple 'Hello TV', to surf the internet by saying 'Web Browser' and to select options and change the volume through the movement of the hand.

Smart Content - responding to consumer needs for personalized and differentiated content is a milestone achieved by Samsung SMART TV thanks to the more than 1400 applications available, including Angry Birds, and a large number of past third-party developers who have grown from 550 to 25.000 in just two years .

Smart Evolution - the new 'Samsung Evolution Kit', the first of its kind in the world, includes both hardware and software and allows the TV to be new every year thanks to the proprietary system-on-chip technology. The kit makes the dream of having the most innovative technology in your own home a reality.

Samsung has also introduced a major evolution of the AllShare feature with 'AllShare Play' which now allows consumers to share and upload multimedia content anywhere and from any device - TV, tablet, camera and smartphone or PC - thanks to free storage capacity. .

The ecosystem of increasingly connected devices evolves with the arrival of innovative services exclusively on Samsung SMART TV: the new Family Story, Fitness and Kids allow you to share and organize photos and messages on a virtual bulletin board, synchronize easily activities and fitness goals and help children through an educational viewing experience, memorizing their progress.

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