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If on your site you have decided to manage your Blog comments with the Disqus platform, then you must know that you will need to update the Helpers.cs file, to solve the problem of the count.js not working and download the version of Source of Blogengine.

Disqus is a comment hosting service for websites and virtual communities that works through an online platform. Its use is very advantageous both for its many features and for the possibility of getting in touch with other users who use it.

Unfortunately on there is an outdated Disqus code snippet and this generates an error in the count.js slowing down the loading of your blog pages.

To intervene on the code you will need to download the Source version of BlogEngine by connecting to the page of BlogEngine Codeplex, in the Download section, and after installing Visual Studio, the Express version, open the previously downloaded Blogengine project (the source one).

From VS Express, open the solution file - BlogEngine.sln. This solution contains 2 projects - the project BlogEngine Core and the main site. Once the project is open, all you have to do is perform the following steps to produce the file BlogEngine.Core.dll for the directory BIN contained on your site.

The file to modify in question is located in this path: BlogEngineBlogEngine.CoreWebScriptingHelpers.cs. Line 117 includes a code snippet for Disqus to change to:

Lines of code in the Helpers.cs file

if (BlogSettings.Instance.ModerationType == BlogSettings.Moderation.Disqus) { sb.Append(" n"); sb.Append("//= 0) { "); sb.Append("query += 'url' + i + '=' + encodeURIComponent(links[i].href) + '&'; "); sb.Append("}}"); sb.Append("document.write(''); "); sb.Append("})(); n"); sb.Append("//]]> n"); sb.Append(" n"); }

Changes to apply to the Helpers.cs code

if (BlogSettings.Instance.ModerationType == BlogSettings.Moderation.Disqus) { sb.Append(""); sb.Append(" var disqus_shortname = '" + BlogSettings.Instance.DisqusWebsiteName + "';"); sb.Append(" (function () {"); sb.Append(" var s = document.createElement('script'); s.async = true;"); sb.Append(" s.type = 'text/javascript';"); sb.Append(" s.src = '//' + disqus_shortname + '';"); sb.Append(" (document.getElementsByTagName('HEAD')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('BODY')[0]).appendChild(s);"); sb.Append(" }());"); sb.Append(""); }

At the end perform the Recompilation of Blogengine.Core.dll in Visual Studio Express and copy the file from SourceBlogEngineBlogEngine.CorebinRelease alla directory bin of your Blog. If you have Filezilla you can simply upload and fix.

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add a comment of Disqus comment count generates an error that's why
Comment sent successfully! We will review it in the next few hours.