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Are you constantly annoyed by constant calls from companies that offer you the purchase of products or services or do you have someone who calls you many times a day and you don't know how to block their phone number?

After seeing how to block phone calls from landlines in this post we will see how also the smartphone there are functions capable of block calls unwanted entry e Whatsapp free in which to create real black lists where to insert the so-called "nuisances".

How to block calls with iPhone

For iPhone you have to open the tab contact by clicking directly on the registered name and scrolling through the list of options to the end to locate the button Block Contact. At this point any call attempt will be interrupted after a few rings.

The other way is to go to the Settings of your iPhone and select the item Telephone and immediately after the voice Blocked.

If, on the other hand, you want to remove the block from an already registered and blocked number, just click on the button Modification, if you want to insert other contacts in the black list you have to press the button Add.

How to block calls with Galaxy Android smartphone

For smartphones Galaxy Android you can create a List I decline automatic going in Phone> Call Settings> Call Reject. Make sure your voice is activated Car Refusal Numbers and not All numbers. It is also possible to modify or create the rejection messages of a call using those already preset: I am driving, I am at the cinema, I am in class and so on.

Another way to block a phone number is to act on the individual contact by going up Phonebook> phone contact> tap on the menu> tap on Add to Rejected List, to restore the contact click on Remove from rejected list.

How to block calls with Android

However, for all Android phones there are various free apps such as Calls Blacklist, Mr.Number, WhosCall.

Calls Blacklist blocks, through a black list created by the user, incoming numbers and SMS. After downloading it from the Google Store on this page by clicking on the button Add a menu will open in which you will have to select the item From the call log to block a phone number that has just tried to contact you. You can also block the telephone numbers in the address book by clicking on the item From Contacts and those entered manually by clicking on the item Manually.

At the end of these operations, the calls of those who have been added to the black list will be directly blocked with notification from Android that will warn you of the blocked call. In practice, you will not hear your smartphone ringing and the one who tries to call you will receive the busy signal. You can remove a blocked telephone number at any time by clicking the button in the app Clear.

Mr.Number Block Calls is another free app that allows you to manage incoming calls. To access the Blacklist, click on the no-access icon at the top right and select the telephone numbers to be blocked. In this case, you can decide whether to divert the call to the answering machine by entering the telephone number in the list Students' Testimonials Mail or hang up immediately on each call by entering the phone number in the list Groin up. To download it you will have to go to Google Play in this page.

WhosCall is another free app for Android that can let you create a blacklist in which to block unwanted calls and SMS. The element that differentiates it from other apps is the possibility of identify unknown numbers that call if they are included in public directories.

After downloading it on the following page, you will need to register for the service by entering your email address. Click on the prohibition icon at the top left and then click first on the Blocklist button and then on +: to add a phone number to the black list, import a recent phone number to the black list, block all foreign or private numbers.

For every call received from blocked contact numbers, as for the app Calls Blacklist, you will not hear the phone ring but you will receive a notification from Android about the call attempt. The caller will receive the busy tone.

To remove a phone number from the blacklist, go to the blacklist and select the name to remove, press the prohibition icon (at the bottom of the screen) and then click Yes to end the operation.

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