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Looking for info on best TV series on Amazon Prime Video? Here is a selection of the best TV series on Prime Video to watch thanks to your Amazon Prime subscription at no additional cost.

If you are a lover of movies, cinema and TV series and are looking for something new to watch, in this guide you will find all the best TV series on Amazon which you can see on the streaming service of the famous American giant. The various series of which you will see the title and a short story of the plot, are cataloged in random order and not in order of preference: for this reason, the best thing you can do is take a look at a bit of the whole catalog, ultimately choosing the ones that appeal to you the most.

The catalog of the streaming service is, in fact, very vast and it is difficult to choose which ones are the ones best TV series on Amazon. In any case, the important thing when approaching a new program is not to be preconceived, but to let yourself be carried away by the vision without hesitation: especially in these periods of incoming cold, the best thing is to have a nice hot drink, get in front of the TV well. lie down on the sofa and enjoy watching our favorite show.

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Prime Video TV Series: Updated catalog

Among the novelties in the catalog and the most popular series on Amazon Prime Video, a couple of them stand out that involved the public right away. Here are the Amazon Prime TV series that you absolutely must not miss.

The Boys

Impossible not to mention this series taken from a very famous comic in America. The series already has two seasons behind it and the last one has left fans speechless thanks to an important cliffhanger final. The plot focuses on a New York where superheroes are real and protect people but, at the same time, hide dark secrets and are the real villains of the planet. A group of anti-heroes, known as the Boys, fight against these fake goodies trying to restore the order of things. A breath of fresh air for those who only know Marvel superheroes.

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond

The saga needs no introduction and is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. However, this series is one spin off and bases its interweaving on the stories and interweaving between the new generation of humans living in the zombie-infested world. As usual, it is good to prepare for a series full of twists, splatter situations and difficult relationships between the characters. The highly respected cast sees emerging actors flanked by more experienced ones in the role of guest star.

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A hit TV series that is a milestone in the genre is Shameless, invented in America by Paul Abbott, tells the story of an extended and disadvantaged family living in Chicago, in a disreputable and abandoned neighborhood where the stories of many people twist and develop, all rolling up their hands to carry on a family with obvious problems, in search of an unattainable stability.

Grey's Anatomy

The series that established the importance of the trend medical drama focuses on the story of the private and working lives of a team of emblematic doctors - especially the protagonist, Meredith Gray - who fight every day in the ward to save patients and then at the end of the shift fight to save herself from relationships and human relationships. The TV series is one of the best ever put on the market and expertly tells love stories, traumas, dramas and every other type of tragedy that is experienced in the hospital, wisely reconciling it with a high level scientific study, accurate in every detail and full of ideas for further study. To date, the series has 18 seasons and is still ongoing, with the episodes being published periodically on the streaming site. A fundamental series for those who consider themselves a true fan of the genre.


The TV series Bosch is based on the thriller novels of Machael Connelly. It is a character played in the crime TV series by Titus Welliver who, in the role of the detective Harry Bosch, from the Los Angeles homicide squad, faces new cases in hundreds of episodes. Coming to the week of the season, there is no shortage of twists, relationships and narrative quality. It is undoubtedly one of the best TV series on Amazon Prime Video.

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Produced by David E Kelly, it is a television series set in the courts starring Goliath, the depressed lawyer looking for a case that will bring him back to success, played by Billy Bob Thornton. It is an original Amazon series now in its fourth season.


This TV series, now in its fifth season, won the Best TV Show award. This is a fun show where a typical American family is forced to face the breadwinner's confession that they are a transgender. The protagonist death Pfefferman (Jeffrey Tambor) after having dressed as a self-confident man all his life, he decides to take on the role of Maura and return to relate to his three children and ex-wife Shelly (Judith Light).

The Office

Comedy genre, it is the classic sitcom that will keep you glued to the screen until the end, thanks to the likes of actors like Steve Carell (Michael Scott), John Krasinski (Jim), Jenna Fisher (Pam) e Rainn Wilson (Dwight). The Office, filmed in documentary style, an American remake of the British cult series of the same name, boasts 201 episodes and 9 seasons. It tells the life in an imaginary office with absurd characters and high level comedy. All in 20 minutes of episode.

For now the series is over, alternatively I recommend these very similar TV series: Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Arrested Development, Space Strength, Community, IT Crowd.


It is an American anthology series, based on the Coen brothers' film of the same name. Created by Noah Hawley is a dark comedy drama of 3 unconnected seasons that offers an autonomous narration with different characters and various settings. The cast is stellar: In the first season we find: Billy Bob Thronton, in the second Kirsten thirst, while in the third Ewan Mc Gregor. The last season, the fourth, has recently come out in the USA, soon it will also arrive in Spain.


Having held the role of Hobbit and other TV series such as Dr Watson for many years, Martin Freeman returns with Startup as a super villain. A group of entrepreneurs, petty criminals, a Cuban-born hacker and a corrupt policeman will have to work together to set up a Start-up with the aim of granting loans at subsidized rates to those in need. Unfortunately they have not come to terms with the origin of their earnings. The series is now in its third season.

American Horror Story

This anthology series was born in 2011 by Ryan Murphy. The first 5 seasons are available on Prime Video. The plot revolves around the family Harmon moved from Boston to Los Angeles to reconcile with the past. Among the actors we find Jessica Lange ed Dylan McDermott. In the fifth season there is a debut of Lady Gaga in the role of the protagonist.

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Amazon Prime TV series for kids

The kids have a large library to choose from: there are sitcoms, teen dramas, cartoons and even Japanese anime. Others follow best TV series on Amazon Prime Video for boys.


Among the sitcoms that every boy must see, the adventures of the doctor cannot be missing JD Cox and the company of the craziest hospital in America, where the dramas and relationships between the characters are intertwined to create an unmissable mixture of laughter, emotions and messages of life. Scrubs is a school that every teenager or adult must attend, because it contains the philosophy of life that everyone should aspire to satisfy.


Series set in ancient Norway, tells the stories of the Vikings, Ragnar Lothbrok in particular, a warrior fighting for his country and the honor of his clan. A series that branches out on a well-written plot that makes the action and the many bloody scenes a strong point. This certainly makes it unsuitable for the faint of heart, but the compelling and exciting reconstruction of the Viking world and the human and sentimental relationships between the characters make it a very informative series.

Mr. Robot

A thriller that bases its focal point on technology. Mr. Robot follows the story of Elliot a hacker with a great background of computer science skills and who deals with security. These skills allow him to enter people's private lives to discover violent, crime and any other form of deviation from the law, with the aim of making them public and reporting them to the police. Following an unfortunate hacker attack, Elliot will come into conflict with the multinational Evil Bodyin an attempt to destroy it. The series, now in its fourth season, revolves around the deepening of the psychology of the characters and the protagonist: Elliot suffers from psychiatric disorders and the evolution of his mind is the focus of the series.

We, the guys from the Berlin zoo

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Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

Finally also on Amazon Prime Video arrives Jack Ryan the most famous character of Tom Clancy. The CIA agent is portrayed in this TV series by John Krasinski and it definitely deserves to be seen in action especially if you are a lover of action and spy movies. The series is now in its second season.

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Riverdale, in its fourth season, is a teen drama and is inspired by the characters of Archie Comics. Among the most interesting thriller TV series, the plot takes place all in a place (Riverdale) full of secrets and darkness where the protagonists of the series will have to solve crimes and explore the aspects of teenage life: love and friendship.

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How to see the entire Prime catalog

Is our list not enough for you? Justwatch provides all users with an Amazon Prime Video Catalog with a complete list of all the movies and TV series that you can stream on Prime. The list is updated daily with the possibility of using multiple filters to improve your searches. You can browse through TV series by filtering them by age, genres, release year, and more.

How to access Prime video from TV

As many you will know, to see the best TV series on Amazon Prime, many access directly from their PC or mobile. However, some nostalgics still prefer a good TV to which they can link the account. If you are looking for a guide on how to connect Amazon Prime Video to the TV, here is a very well done and timely one to guide you in every single procedure.  

How to watch Amazon Prime Video in Spanish

As you know, the TV series and new sports programs, documentaries and anything else present on Amazon Prime Video is dubbed in Spanish. Of course, there are exceptions and for example some programs remain in the original language for a precise choice of the producers or for the fact that Amazon has not purchased the rights. Of course, you can easily change the spoken language if the film starts with a different language, or if you want to experiment with a foreign dubbing: note that, with these procedures, the subtitles can also be changed or disabled.

Android & iOS

On mobile devices, the process is very similar: once you've made sure that the content you want to see from Prime Video on your smartphone it is dubbed in the language you are interested in, you just have to play it by clicking on it the first time: once playback has started, pause and go to the top right window overlay, choosing therectangle icon: a list of all available voiceovers will open from which you can choose the one that suits you best.


If you use your computer to watch Amazon Prime Video by connecting from the desktop, change the spoken language or subtitles it is very easy: once the series has started, simply hover the mouse over the screen with the video being played and click on the rectangle at the top right. Make sure that the language you want is included in the dubbing present and choose it by clicking on it: I remind you that in this way you can also use the X-ray function to discover the actors on the scene and change the subtitles.


If you are playing Amazon Prime Video from your TV, the process changes only partially due to the presence of the remote, but thereicon with rectangle on which you need to click after the start of playback is the same. Just be careful not to close the movie as you scroll through the various tabs. Click Ok once you have selected the rectangle with the comic, choose the language and enjoy the playback.

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