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Telegram channels have a myriad of movies and TV series that are worth watching. Unlike Netflix, Sky, or Amazon Prime TV, you can watch streaming movies for free without having to pay a cent. Whether you are a fan of thriller, science fiction, fantasy, anime, comedy, action, horror, documentary or musical, these channels will help you connect with your favorite productions.

Telegram free streaming movie channel list

Are you tired of the same movies and TV shows on local channels? The following are the best Telegram channels with free streaming movies. Once you have entered or subscribed to the channel of interest you can always stay up to date and get working links that will allow you to watch movies from any device: computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Each proposed film or TV series contains all the detailed information such as: trailer, poster, plot and download.

Other times you may have to access, from the device you are connected with, the web link of the service from the browser and enjoy the view. The latter could be preceded by several pages with advertisements, in which case you will have to close them all by clicking on the X or on Cancel or close ad. After closing the advertisements, go back to the previous page and wait for the player commands to load to watch the film.

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1. Film Streaming e Download in HD

Film – Streaming e Download in HD: it is among the Telegram channels to watch movies for free in streaming. It offers tons of movies to watch right away with plot information. You can watch the trailer on YouTube, download the movie, and even watch it on an alternative streaming site.

3. Film Streamings

MOVIE STREAMING: on this channel every day you will find Streaming and Download SD and HD of new films entirely free in Spanish.

4. Marvel movies 

Marvel movies: by browsing this channel you can download all the Marvel movies and enjoy them offline on your computer, by connecting on Telegram Web, or on a mobile device.

5. Movie and Series TV Streaming

Movies & Series TV Streaming: in addition to advertising, here you will find all the most famous TV series from Netflix, Amazon Prime TV and Sky. You can download all episodes but also stream all recent and past movies.

6. Streaming Movies

Streaming Movies: Here you have available not only movies and TV series but also anime, applications, MP3s, wallpapers, APK files and offers.

7. Film ITA Streaming

Film ITA Streaming: another working channel where you can see lots of movies in streaming. By clicking on the link with the poster you will be redirected to a website and you can even give a star rating on the quality of the film viewed.

8. TantiFilm

Tantifilm Telegram: is the streaming channel of the well-known streaming site: TantiFilm.

9. TV Series

TV series: allows you to follow your favorite TV series offline or via streaming on Telegram.

How to subscribe to a Telegram channel

Once you have identified the Telegram channel of your interest, click on the link I shared in the article and once inside the channel, click on Join.

You will need to have a username profile to set up by going to menu (three horizontal lines)> Settings> Username.

If you are not registered on Telegram and you want to view the best Telegram channels to watch streaming movies for free, there is a little trick to make it easier for you. Go to a browser, like Chrome, Firefox o Edge, and change the address of the channel you want to visit by adding / s / after and before the channel name. For example

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