Best Telegram channels to watch football matches in streaming 2022

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Here is a guide with the selection of best Telegram channels to watch football matches in streaming Serie A, foreign football, Champions League and Europa League.

We have already talked in a previous article about the best Telegram channels and how it is the best alternative to WhatsApp. Both are very useful as a tool for exchanging messages with friends and family. Over time, however, Telegram is proving to be a more complete tool, thanks to the possibility of create groups with thousands of users, use sticker, exploit the muzzle, create channels and take advantage of functions related to privacy and defense of personal data. Also you can have chat in time e conversations and si self-destruct.

Best Telegram football streaming channels

Channels have become one of the fundamental elements in using Telegram. These are broadcast groups that have been expanded to allow reaching a large audience. In these groups, one or more administrators post content and files to allow users to consult and download them at any time.

Over time, many are coming out, like our channel, which allows you to access our guides and the best offers on Amazon and other stores.

There are also many others channels that distribute pirated material, such as those that allow you to download music or watch football matches in streaming. These channels offer links to illegal and often obscured sites. Here because we at SoulTricks assume no legal liability sthe use you will make of the content below, as this guide serves a purpose informative and illustrative.

Here are the best Telegram channels to watch matches.


SportLiveITA: is a channel where you can see thousands of sporting events in HD. Serie A, Serie B, Champions League, Europa League, Premier League, Bundesliga but also Formula 1 and Moto GP.


sportStreamings: is a channel where you can see many sporting events in HD and above all for free. It also offers a guide to viewing events and ongoing support.


StreamingFootball: is an aggregator of sites that allow you to watch football matches in streaming for free. By joining you can get the URL to watch the game you are looking for.


SportLiveFree: In addition to a wealth of information on the world of football from all leagues, you will also find necessary links to watch your favorite sports in streaming and many other amazing offers.


PartiteStreamingHD: By signing up you will be able to enjoy thousands of live sporting events for free and in HD.

Euroap League Streaming

EuropaLeagueStreaming: by logging in you will be able to see all the Europa League matches in live streaming with an invitation link. The channel is independent and not for profit.

Sport Streaming Live

Sport Streaming Live: Offers Sports Live Streaming, Basketball, Formula 1, MotoGP, Tennis, Soccer, Rugby, Sailing, Cycling, Serie A, Serie B, Serie C, Champions League, Europa League, Liga, Premier League.

Serie A Live

Serie A Live: offers its members all Serie A for free with the match schedule to watch live.

Remember that you can leave these channels at any time. To do this you have to open the channel and press on menu top right (the one with the three vertical dots) and immediately after up Leave the channel.

Some useful tips

  • All these Telegram streaming football and sports channels always refer to external sites with annoying advertisements and banners. The advice is to use a adblock able to block advertising on your browser. In this regard, I recommend this guide: How to block advertising on the web.
  • The audio and video quality are valid, but you may have sudden freezes or clicks as these are free IPTV streams.
  • The links of the sporting events are in Spanish and come from satellite TV.
  • Always try to log in 20 minutes before the game starts, because the links to the game are published and immediately deleted afterwards.
  • Finally, I recommend that you take advantage of one of the best free VPNs and one of the best antivirus for Android in circulation.

How to subscribe to a Telegram channel

Once you have identified the Telegram channel of your interest, click on the link I shared in the article and once inside the channel, click on Join.

You will need to have a profile with a username that you can set up by going to the menu (three horizontal lines)> Settings> Username.

If you are not registered on Telegram and you want to view some channels, there is a little trick to make it easier for you. Go to a browser, like Chrome, Firefox o Edge, and change the address of the channel you want to visit by adding / s / after and before the channel name. For example

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