List of the best Telegram bots 2022

Here you will find an updated collection with the best Telegram Bot list that, from within a conversation, will help you perform any operation both online and offline. In this article, we will also try to give you an answer about what Telegram Bots are, what they are for and where to find them.

For some time now, Telegram is becoming increasingly popular as an instant messaging application with innovative features, available not only for Android and iOS, but also on a PC.

With Telegram you can follow groups dealing with specific topics, exchange files of all kinds and make encrypted voices. The application today is a valid alternative to WhatsApp and, beyond that, for channels is distinguished by the use of bots.

In this regard, I suggest you read our guide on The best Telegram channels.

What are Telegram Bots?

Telegram bots are artificial users that allow you to interact in one-to-one chats with other users by performing a series of actions.

To discover the best Telegram Bots you must first recognize them, which is quite simple: if the name of a Telegram contact ends with"bot", then we are dealing with an artificial intelligence called a bot.

Now that you have an idea of what bots are, let's see how to use Telegram Bots in a conversation.

How to add or remove a Telegram bot

To add a Telegram bot you need to know what its username is and add it to the group chat. Below you will find the best Telegram bots that you can search for by typing during a conversation, whether in groups, chats or supergroups, the parameter @botname and then pressing Send.

Telegram will locate the bot that you then need to add to the group. To do this, press and hold the group name and then press Add member. Type the @ symbol to locate the bot.

Immediately afterwards, you can use a bot command within the conversation by pressing the button with the [/] symbol and get to know the list of commands of the bot you have just added. By typing the / command name you will be able to initiate an action of the bot itself. With the /help command in place, you can see all the information and commands of the bot.

With delete a Telegram bot you must open the bot's chat and click on the dots at the top left and then click on Stop and block bots, then click on delete chat.

This way, the bot will no longer be active on your profile and the bot chat will be deleted. In order to use the bot again, you will need to unblock it.

How to find new Telegram bots

Want to find Telegram Bot? You should know that bots can be added from mobile and Telegram Desktop as well, by clicking for the identified bot, on the corresponding magnifying glass button, followed by the Telegram airplane icon, on the official Bot website of the Telegram store.

The best Telegram bots

Below, you will find the best Telegram bots that can meet your needs. Note that the most popular bots such as funny Telegram bots, music bots, Amazon Telegram deals, hot Telegram girls, etc. have been collected.

Download 4K (deleted bot)

It is a Telegram bot for downloading music and videos from YouTube, Facebook and many others @FourkdownloadBot.

Amazon Search and Price

This is an Amazon bot to search for the price of an Amazon product in friend chats. It can be used in person or in a chat. @amazonglobalbot.


This is a useful bot if you want to converse in English to improve the language. This bot is useful for those who want to study English for educational purposes. @andyrobot.


This is to help you create and configure your own bots @botfather.


Calculate anyone's tax code with @Codice_fiscale_bot.


It's a bot. And it lets you ... Roll a die! Ideal for challenges, bets or decisions on who should take on the most boring task of the day, it's also available in group mode @dicebot.

Doctor Bot

This is a bot for medical and science enthusiasts. You can find quizzes, infographics and much more @dottor_bot.

Exchange Rates

This bot is really useful for those who travel frequently, as it allows you to see the exchange rates of 165 world currencies at any time. Exchange rates can be accessed through the username @exchangeratesbot.


If you are a lover of mystery and riddles, this bot will help you have fun both alone and with company @enigmibot.

Flickr Bot

Bot useful for searching images on Flickr based on a specific query from @flickr_bot.


Another bot to play in Telegram chat with @gamee's mini-games.


Another bot for playing @gamebot.

Hot or Bot

Belongs to the category of Telegram Bot girls and is used to meet new people. Like Tinder, it allows you to enter your personal information to see the contacts to chat with and who are considered by the bot compatible with you @hotorbot.


Used to control home automation through Telegram. @ifttt.

Image bot

Search for images or GIFs on Bing. @imagebot.


A Telegram game bot that contains three games - "Hangman", Tic-tac-toe and "Guess the number" @KidBot.

Moolah Bot

Is a bitcoin Telegram bot whose purpose is to display the current value of BitCoin, acting as a currency converter @MoolahBot.

Mobile Offers.

It is a very useful bot for groups because it lets you know the latest rates of mobile and virtual operators. @offertemobile_bot.

Netflix News

In the list of the best Telegram Bots, a Netflix Telegram bot could not be missing. Its purpose is to keep you updated on Netflix's catalog of movies and shows. @netflixnewsbot.

Random chat bot

It falls into the categories of Telegram ChatBot. Lets you start conversations with unknown contacts based on their personal preferences and showing age, gender, geographic distance, etc. @RandomChatBot.

Secure bot

A bot that allows you to generate secure and random passwords. @Safe_bot.


Falls into the category of Telegram bots for pranks or games. It offers several features that aim to have fun and joke with friends in chat. @spacobot.


It is a Spotify Telegram bot for Spotify lovers. It allows you to quickly share your favorite songs with all your @spotybot contacts.

Sticker Bot

Lets you create sticker collections in chats starting with personal images. @stickers.

Soccer goals bot

You can send a message to the bot requesting a list of goals scored in a given time period for the Bundesliga and Premier League leagues @soccergoalsbot.

Sudoku Bot

It's a gaming bot and allows you to play Sudoku at three different difficulty levels @SudokuBot.

Tadam Bot

It's a bot that works like Shazam and will help you recognize the unknown song you're listening to @tadam_bot.


It is used to allow you to see a list of bots present on Telegram. @store_bot.


It is a Telegram mail bot that helps you get access to an email address to create a temporary 10-minute email. @temp_mail_bot.


It's a fun Telegram bot that offers videos, images and jokes. @gastabot.

The image bot.

It's a Telegram bot for Instagram that lets you share your Instagram images with Telegram contacts from ThePicturesBot.


It's a tracking bot to track your posts from different messengers directly from Telegram chat. @trackbot.

Transcriber Bot

Extracts text from images and converts voice messages into text. @Transcriber_Bot.

Transcribe Bot

This is Telegram's version of the iOS app inTranslation. Translate Bot is free and translates text written in a foreign language within the chat. @Translate_Bot.


A useful bot for those looking for animated GIFs or meme images based on mood. @umadbot.

VKMusic Bot

It falls under the Telegram music bot category and is used to download music from a Russian service directly into the Telegram app. The Telegram bot for downloading music works by directly adding the username @vkmusic_bot on Android or @vkm_bot on iPhone.


A bot to get real-time weather forecasts for numerous cities @weatherbot.

YouTube Bot

Is a YouTube bot that allows you to search YouTube videos starting with a word or phrase. @ytbot.

Bot for Telegram Inline

In addition to the bots listed above, there are also bots that you can use in chats without having to start them because they are already present. Let's see what they are:

  • @bing. Allows you to search in the Bing search engine.
  • @bold. Allows you to type in bold.
  • @gif. Allows you to search for and send gifs.
  • @img. Search for images in Google Images.
  • @music. Allows you to search for music and listen to it.
  • @a. Allows you to search for videos on Youtube.
  • @sticker. Allows you to search and share stickers.
  • @Youtube. Allows you to start a search for videos on Youtube and log in with your account.
  • @wiki. Provides Wikipedia search.
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