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Best professional notebooks. A buyer's guide to finding the best business laptop with recent hardware, productive features, slim design and long battery life

Having an efficient and powerful notebook is an important aspect in your business life. The best professional notebook is the one it lets you have a long battery life to stay productive even on the go. No matter how powerful a notebook is, having a business device with a battery that runs out after a few hours could be annoying and cause serious damage to your business.

One-day battery life provides mobility and productivity, essential features for the modern workplace, whether within a large company or a small business.

Best professional notebooks

When compiling this list of the best business laptops, I took into consideration a number of key factors including power, battery life, feature set and pure value for money.

This means that I have selected a wide range of laptops to suit most budgets and, hopefully, users' tastes.

Almost everyone has the Windows 10 Pro (or Windows 10 Workstation) operating system to enhance their corporate credentials. Do not miss the Apple operating system for Mac and ChromeOS.

If you're looking for a little more power, also check out the best business desktop PCs and best notebooks on the market.

1.MacBook Pro 16 inch

The best Apple computer

CPU: Intel Core i7 a 6 core da 2,6 GHz a Intel Core i9 a 8 core da 2,4 GHz | Graphics: AMD Radeon Pro 5300M con 4 GB di GDDR6 a AMD Radeon Pro 5500M con 8 GB di GDDR6 | RAM: 16-64 GB 2666 MHz DDR4 | Screen: 3072 × 1920 from 16 inches to 226 ppi | Memory: 512 GB – 8 TB SSD.


  • Powerful configurations
  • The best MacBook to date
  • Big screen


  • Expensive

If you don't want a Windows notebook but are looking for the best Apple computer, then the MacBook Pro 16 “is truly the best Apple laptop you can choose.

Aside from its large and beautiful 16 “screen, the technical specifications make this professional laptop arguably the most powerful on this list.

You can choose between a 6 or 8 core processor and for RAM the base model comes with 16GB with the option to expand to 64GB. There is also a choice of graphics cards available, allowing this laptop to handle even the most demanding applications.

All in all this is a nice and powerful car, but the price isn't for everyone. But if you only want the best, then the 16-inch MacBook Pro should probably be at the top of your wish list.

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2. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (8th Gen)

The best ultra-thin business laptop.

CPU: i5-8250U Intel 1.60GHz | Graphics: Intel® UHD 620 integrated | RAM: 16 GB | Screen: 14 inches, 1920 x 1080Pixel | Memory: 2TB SSD.


  • Smaller and lighter than previous versions
  • Improved Microsoft precision touchpad


  • Expensive

Previous versions of the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon have been the absolute best for business laptops and the 8th generation model is no exception, with Lenovo offering a slimmer and smaller design with virtually no compromise.

If you are looking for one of the best professional notebooks Lenovo with enterprise-grade features, then this is the device for you. Despite its small size, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon offers pretty much all the features you need in a productivity machine, making it the best business computer you can buy. With up to 18,3 hours of battery life and a quick charge feature that returns the battery to 80% capacity in less than an hour, the X1 Carbon is also one of the best ultrabooks that allows you to keep working while you are on the move.

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3. Huawei MateBook X Pro

An extraordinary business notebook.

CPU: Intel Core i5 - 7th Generation iXNUMX | Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620, Nvidia GeForce MX150 2GB GDDR5 | RAM: 8 GB – 16 GB | Screen: 3-inch 13,9K (3.000 x 2.080) | Memory: 512GB SSD


  • Nice design
  • Fantastic display
  • Great battery life


  • No SD card slot
  • Not great webcam

While Dell and Lenovo are two names you'd probably associate with notebooks for work, Huawei may not be the first name you'd think of when it comes to business laptops. Yet the Chinese company has proven to be an excellent laptop maker with its new one MateBook X Pro.

It has a beautiful design that will get a nice look in the boardroom, is light enough to take with you, and has powerful components and excellent battery life. It is also one of the cheapest ultrabooks on the market.

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4. Dell XPS 13

New and improved.

CPU: Intel Core i5 - 7th Generation iXNUMX | Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620 | RAM: 8 GB – 16 GB | Screen: 13,3-inch FHD (1.920 x 1.080) - 4k (3840 x 2160) | Memory: 256 GB - 1 TB SSD.


  • Centered webcam
  • Battery life
  • Beautiful optional 4K display


  • The 2019 update isn't that important
  • Expensive

Believe it or not, Dell ranks there‘XPS 13 like a business laptop. Although it is geared towards a home office environment, business users will still appreciate its design. This ultraportable notebook - as Dell says - was the best laptop of the year and is capable of accommodating a 13,3-inch display in the chassis of an average 11,6-inch model. It was also updated in 2018 with better components for a business laptop experience far above expectations.

Dell's notebook can be upgraded to 16GB of RAM and a 2TB M1 SSD. Battery life is also great with nearly 22 hours of continuous use when using productivity apps.

In 2020, Dell has once again given the Dell XPS 13 a boost both on the component side and by placing the webcam above the screen for better video calling, which helps make the Dell XPS 13 once again one of the best business notebooks of the moment. .

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5. Apple Macbook Pro with 13 inch Touch Bar 2018

The best Macbook Pro produced.

CPU: Intel Core i5 quad-core – i7 | Graphics: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 | RAM: 8 GB – 16 GB | Screen: 13,3 inch (2.560 x 1.600) IPS | Memory: 128GB – 3.0TB PCIe 2 SSD.


  • Best Macbook Pro Ever
  • Super fast performance


  • Expensive
  • Not a big generational leap

The 2018 model of 13-inch Macbook Pro with Touch Bar it's a brilliant update to Apple's formidable laptop range and is one of the best business laptops you could buy.

While Microsoft had the performance advantage over last year's MacBook Pro, with the Surface Book 2, Apple came out swaying with some seriously upgraded specs for the 13 2018-inch MacBook Pro. The 13-inch model can be configured with the 'Latest Intel Core Processors, all USB-C ports are not Thunderbolt 3 and you can have up to 16GB of RAM. If you want even more performance, the 15-inch version is worth considering, as it raises the specs even further.

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6. Lenovo ThinkPad E470

The best choice for portability.

CPU: 2,7 GHz Intel Core i7-7500U | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620 | RAM: 16 GB | Screen: 14 inches, 1920 x 1080 pixels | Memory: 256GB SSD.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Discrete graphics card


  • No high-capacity battery options
  • No Displayport

Lenovo has taken an existing form factor and refined it to offer the new ThinkPad E470 2016-2017. Powered by 14th Gen Intel Core processors, this particular SKU has a 940-inch FHD anti-glare display and a 2GB Nvidia Geforce XNUMXMX GPU.

Equipped with a spill-resistant keyboard, a TrackPoint and a click pad with 3 + 2 buttons, the E470 has more than enough ports and expansion capabilities to satisfy the average user. Too bad it doesn't have a DisplayPort, so no 4K output.

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7. MacBook Air 13-inch (2018)

Thinner, lighter, more productive

CPU: Intel Core i5 dual-core | Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 617 | RAM: 8 GB – 16 GB | Screen: 13,3-inch Retina display, 2.560 x 1.600 (LED backlit, IPS) | Memory: 128GB – 3.0TB PCIe 1,5 SSD.


  • Small and lightweight design
  • Beautiful Retina display


  • Not very powerful

We've been waiting years for a new MacBook Air, and it's finally here. Now thinner, lighter, and with a Retina display for the first time, it's easily the best MacBook Air that you can use, and it also makes it one of the best professional notebooks in the world, thanks to its thin and light design, improved hardware for better performance (including XNUMXth generation processors, more RAM and faster SSDs) and an affordable price. All of this makes it one of the best Macs for travel.

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8. Dell XPS 15 2-in-1

Luxury meets power.

CPU: Intel Core i5-i7 | Graphics: Radeon RX Vega M GL graphics with 2 GB HMB4 graphics memory | RAM: 8 GB | Memory: 512 GB PCIe SSD.


  • Impressive power
  • Ultra-thin design


  • Expensive

Il Dell XPS 15 last year it was already one of the best laptops you could buy, but now that Dell has redesigned the Dell XPS 13 and applied it here, it has also made it convertible.

This easily makes it one of the best business laptops you can buy. It looks great to use and packs one of those new Intel Kaby Lake G-series CPUs with Radeon graphics. This means that this laptop has a lot of power, even if it can get a little noisy.

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9. Microsoft Surface Book 2 (13.5 inch)

The best 2-in-1 convertible of the moment.

CPU: Intel Core i5-7300U – Intel Core i7-8650U 1.9GHz | Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620; Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 (2 GB GDDR5 VRAM) | RAM: 8 GB – 16 GB | Screen: PixelSense display 3.000 x 2.000 (267 ppi), aspect ratio 3: 2 | Memory: 256 GB - 1 TB SSD.


  • Great battery life
  • Powerful


  • Expensive
  • No Surface Pen included

Surface Book 2 (13,5-inch) is another Microsoft entry on this list of the best business notebooks worth noting, as Microsoft has made one of the most powerful 2-in-1 laptops in the world.

The Surface Book 2 has some components powerful enough to handle most everyday tasks and even some light gaming and video editing if you choose a model with a dedicated graphics card. If you want a bigger screen, there's also a 2-inch version of the Surface Book 15, which includes more powerful components.

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10. Asus Chromebook Flip

The best business Chromebook.

CPU: Intel Pentium 4405Y – Intel Core m3-6Y30 | Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 515 | RAM: 4 GB | Screen: 12,5 inches, FHD (1.920 x 1.080) Anti-Glare Backlit LED | Memory: 32 GB – 64 GB eMMC.


  • Elegant tablet mode
  • Tactile keyboard


  • No ready-to-use Android app support
  • Mediocre speakers

The best Chromebooks may not be the most obvious devices for business laptops, but theAsus Chromebook Flip proves that they can be excellent work tools. It comes with a full-fat Intel Core processor, full HD 1080p display, and backlit keyboard. ChromeOS is now a more robust operating system with many tools, and if you rely on the web-based CMS or Google Docs to do your job, the Asus Chromebook Flip is an affordable, well-built and handy business laptop.

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