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Here is a list of the best free Android apps of 2015. After having listed you the best free android games of 2015, could not miss an article on the best apps to use on smartphones and tablets with Android operating system.

You will find apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, dropbox, Spotify and many others to download on the Google Play Store.

We tried to enter the best apps free in circulation, hoping to receive your help in enriching the list.




Autodesk Pixlr

Greenify App Hibernator

Everypost | Task List To-do

Audible for Android





Google Fit

Amazon Kindle


Google Camera


Nova Launcher





Facebook Messenger

Wikipedia Beta

ES FIle Explorer





Google Keep



Falcon Widget (for Twitter)

If you have other Android apps to report or recommend leave us a comment, we will update the list.

I remind you that if you want to try this list, you can install the Android emulator for your computer: BlueStacks. Check out this guide: How to install and use Android on PC.

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