Best bathroom scale 2022: buying guide

Best bathroom scale. A buying guide with highlights of Bluetooth personal scales, professional, economical and with the best value for money.

If fitness trackers are a great tool for keeping track of your steps, heart rate and exercises, the best smart bathroom scales are great for helping you track your weight too.

Many of the companies that make sports trackers and other wellness wearables also make smart bathroom scales to give you even more information about your body.

Le best bathroom scales smart not only provide more metrics about your body, but also connect to the internet. This means you can keep an eye on your weight or body fat percentage right from your phone. There are many apps that allow you to set goals, track your progress over time, and share your stats with other apps and services.

What makes buying the best smart scale worthwhile is not only the fact that you can connect it to an app, but also because they are able to provide useful information on body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone mass, IMC and much more.

By doing this you will always have an overall picture of your health.

Best bathroom scale

Below you find a list with the best smart scales for you. I took into consideration the features offered, the design and the price of each product. This means that below you should find the best option for all your needs.

Best cheap bathroom scales (under 60 euros)

Withings Body

A cheaper alternative.

Metrics: weight, BMI | Connectivity : app Android e iOS, Wi-Fi e Bluetooth | Display: 2,4 x 1,6 inch display | Battery life: 18 months, uses AAA batteries | Sizes: 32.69 x 32.69 x 2.31 cm | Colors: white or black | Units followed: kg, lb, st | Multiple users? Yes, up to eight.


  • Convenient price
  • Keeps track of BMI (Body Mass Index)


  • Limited metrics

The second choice in the list of the best smart scales is the Withings Body which has a good set of features but not as extensive as that of the Body +.

This bathroom scale monitor your weight via the app Health mate, so any score you get will be recorded and you can get extra insight over time as you weigh yourself.

This is the app you will use even if you have a Withings fitness tracker, so you can have all your data in the same space.

Unfortunately it does not provide extra body composition functions, instead, present in other products on this list, but it is certainly much more convenient for those on a limited budget.

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Eufy Bilancia Smart Bluetooth

One of the best cheap smart scales you can buy.

Metrics: weight, body fat, water, muscle mass, bone mass, BMI, BMR | Connectivity : app Android e iOS, Bluetooth | Display: 3,1 x 1,3 pollici / 80 x 32 mm | Battery life: AAA Batteries | Sizes:  28 x 28 x 2.4 cm | Colors: white or black | Unit trace: kg, st, lb| users multiples?: Yes, up to 16.


  • Cheap
  • Good companion app


  • No Wifi

Considered the best bathroom scale economic, Eufy proved once again that you don't have to pay that much to get a good one balance calorie counter (the brand also has a cheap and amazing range of robot vacuum cleaners).

For less than $ 70, these smart scales let you keep tabs on all kinds of metrics, including weight, BMI, BMR, muscle mass, bone mass, and more. All data is stored in the app Eufy, which is easy to use and allows you to compare your stats with other users.

The Eufy smart scale can be used up to 16 people, more than you may need. With an excellent quality-price ratio you can buy a really good product.

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Fitbit Air

Best Budget Smart Scale from Fitbit.

Metrics: weight, BMI | Connectivity : app Android e iOS, Bluetooth | Display: display LCD | Battery life: not declared, uses AAA batteries | Sizes: 2.7 x 30 x 30 cm | Colors: white or black | Unit follow: kg, lb, st lb | Multiple users?: Yup.


  • Budget option
  • Light enough


  • Limited functionality

If you're a Fitbit user and already own a better Fitbit smartwatch, you might want to consider the budget scale Air.

Aria Air it may not have some of the functionality of Air 2, such as body composition tracking and the ability to switch users and view different stats on the scale (you can only see weight), but for most people who don't care about these features, the Air might be a preferable choice.

Added to this is the fact that this scale does synchronizza automatically with your app Fitbit, and is a great companion for people already using Fitbit fitness trackers or wearables, as it allows you to track your weight and workout.

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Medisana 40461 (Mechanical bathroom scale)

Below is the best analog bathroom scale with retro style. This is an easy-to-use, battery-free bathroom scale. It is equipped with a qualitative weighing surface made of stainless steel with non-slip tread. It weighs up to 150 kg and the weight is indicated in steps of 500 gr.

The setting wheel allows you to adjust the zero position. For use you must go up barefoot after placing the scale Medisana 4061 on a flat bottom.

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Best bathroom scales (over 60 euros)

Withings Body +

La best bathroom scale on the market.

Metrics: weight, BMI and body mass | Connectivity : app Android e iOS, Wi-Fi e Bluetooth | Display: 2,4 x 1,6 inch display | Battery life: 18 months, uses AAA batteries | Sizes: 32.51 x 32.51 x 2.29 cm | Colors: white or black | Units followed: kg, lb, st | Multiple users? Yes, up to eight.


  • Premium design
  • Body composition technology is useful


  • No heart rate monitoring

Until recently Nokia occupied the first position when it comes to smart scales, today the situation has changed because the scales Withings have forcefully entered the homes of consumers all over the world

Withings offers three different scales, the Body + it's the mid-range option in terms of feature set and price. The extra features you find in this scale are really liked compared to the cheaper model and it comes with a more premium design.

It is light enough that you can easily move it around your bathroom, it will sync all your data directly to an app called Health mate available on iOS and Android and will also track some interesting stats. For example, it can track your weight, but it can also track your BMI and body composition.

The Withings Body + scale can give you an idea of ​​the amount of water, bones and muscles in your body. This is something you won't find in other smart scales especially if your intent is to gain muscle mass.

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Garmin Index S2

Garmin's Best Impedance Scale.

Metrics: weight, body mass index, body mass | Connectivity : app Android e iOS, Wi-Fi e Bluetooth | Display: N / A, LCD | Battery life: 9 months, uses AA batteries | Sizes: 32 x 31 x 2.8 cm | Colors: white or black | Unit follow: kg, lb, st lb | Multiple users?: Yes, up to 16.


  • Body mass monitoring
  • Great display


  • More expensive than the others

Just like the Body + scales, the strong point of the Garmin Index S2 is that this smart bathroom scale can measure body fat and water percentage as well as muscle mass and bone mass.

If you are looking for high-end features and you like the design of Garmin scales, then this scale is for you. I particularly recommend if you already have a Garmin fitness tracker or running watch, as the integration with the app works very well and allows you to have all your health stats in one place.

If you are an amateur athlete who wants to delve into their body beyond what a fitness tracker can offer, be sure to consider these smart scales as well.

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Withings Body Cardio

Better but expensive bathroom scale.

Metrics: weight, body mass index, body mass and heart rate | Connectivity : app Android e iOS, Wi-Fi e Bluetooth | Display: 2,4 x 1,6 inch display | Battery life: one year, rechargeable | Sizes: 32.7 x 32.7 x 1.8 cm | Colors: white or black | Unit follow: kg, lb, st lb | users multiples? Yes, up to eight.


  • Heart rate if you wish
  • A nice design


  • Very expensive

The balance Withings Body Cardio it is among the most beautiful around. When it was launched it had a function called Pulse Wave Velocity which measured the stiffness of the aorta, which is something that can lead to further health problems.

In January 2018, that functionality was removed at the request of the authorities, and it is unclear if it will one day be reinstated. Aside from the slightly premium design and the fact that these scales can also measure heart rate, they have lost their position in the bathroom scales market over time. If you already own a fitness tracker or smartwatch, chances are you have a heart rate tracker, so you won't need this feature on your smart scales.

However, if you really prefer design and don't mind spending a few dollars more, this is still a good smart scale.

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Most purchased bathroom scales

After viewing our selection of scales with app, here is an always updated list of the best-selling models on Amazon.

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