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Best Webinar Software. A selection of the most interesting programs for organizing webinars, video conferences or online meetings.

Continuously moving on long journeys and spending money on travel and accommodation are not elements that contribute to the company's economy. Furthermore, with the spread of smart working in the world of work, it becomes increasingly necessary to equip oneself with programs for video calls, to communicate and collaborate on projects and documents, or even better than software per webinar for seminars or presentations distributed to a much wider audience.

You could take advantage of YouTube, but portals and webinar applications allow for a more interactive experience. In fact, the audience can interact with the presentation and presenters and at the same time ask questions and provide feedback.

Managing a large number of participants requires planning and coordination best webinar software proposed in this article have decidedly different approaches to managing participants.

If the number of participants is small, I suggest you also take a look at our guide on: Best programs for video calling.

Best webinar software

Do you run a small business or blog and want to host your free webinars for just 20 people? Or are you looking for a more powerful program and want to expand your webinars to 4000 attendees? Then here are five of the best webinar solutions that can bring people from any part of the globe together for a lecture, discussion or information exchange and with all the details you need.

1. Livestorm

The best webinar program.


  • Easy to use
  • Limit of 1000 participants
  • Sharing your screen
  • Reporting / analysis
  • Questions and answers
  • Event management
  • Live Chat
  • Social media promotion
  • Sistema multi-host
  • Polls / Voting
  • Webinar on request
  • Assistance Service


  • Lack of customization of some features
  • Requires good internet connection speed
  • Recording quality
  • Participants cannot exceed 1.000
  • The customer support team is responsive, but much of that depends on where you live, as most of the representatives are based in Europe.

Instead of just offering webinars, Livestorm has three different options available that allow you to deliver pre-arranged, on-demand and automated conventional seminars.

The webinar content can be created and uploaded in advance, presented live, or it can be a combination of these scenarios. And, if you want to mix things up a bit, you can host another company as well.

Attendees can interact with speakers, ask questions, ask poll questions. Additionally, all interactions can be logged and reaction to presentations is available through post-event analysis and reporting.

The data generated by a webinar can be funneled into a large selection of apps, including Zapier, Hubspot, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics e Google Analytics.

Those wishing to try Livestorm can do so using a free version of the service that limits the webinar to a single meeting, 4 attendees, 10 subscribers, and 20 minutes in duration.

Livestorm offers two paid solutions, one for webinars and one for meetings. The Webinar Premium costs $ 99 per month paid annually. And, for that investment, you can have unlimited webinars, unlimited moderators, 4-hour events, and up to 100 attendees. These participant numbers can be increased to 250 or 100 for $ 99 or $ 209 respectively.

2. GoToWebinar

The easy way to hold engaging events.


  • Free trial
  • Work up to 5000 participants
  • Audience analysis
  • Customizable branding
  • Access control
  • Engagement dell’audience
  • Performance monitoring
  • Multistreaming
  • Event planning
  • Live streaming production
  • Session recording
  • Split Screen / Multi Screen
  • Stream to multiple cameras


  • Video monetization tools
  • Expensive
  • Some customizations are complicated
  • Continuous updates
  • The recording quality could be better
  • The desktop interface looks out of date
  • Some businesses may not like the idea of ​​the higher monthly fee, but that depends on the size of your organization and the number of attendees you have per webinar.

For a few years GoToWebinar of LogeMeIn was truly the ideal solution for webinars. Available features include pre-webinar processes, real-time analytics, lead management, note sharing on mobile and audience interaction.

A very useful feature is the ability to share an installable application, plus all parts aimed at attendees can be renamed, including registration pages, emails and the web interface. But this functionality is mostly limited to logos.

Despite some shortcomings, many companies like this tool, although some think it needs a revamp on the administrative side of the system. Others have complained that you may have audio or video issues if you use the web interface and not the dedicated desktop application.

The price up GoToWebinar it is also a possible obstacle, as it is one of the more expensive options. The basic tiers are Starter, Pro and Plus, covering 100, 500 and 1000 attendees respectively. And these cost € 89, € 199 and € 429 per month when billed annually. A professional level or higher is required to record presentations.

There is also an Enterprise tier with quoted prices that can handle 5.000 attendees for those with big webinar ambitions.

3. Zoho Meetings

The best tool for collaborative conferences and meetings.


  • Zoho integrations
  • Telephone access
  • Maximum 250 participants
  • Warnings / Notifications


  • There is no Live Chat
  • It has no social media promotion
  • No Webnar on request
  • Zoho webinars lack support for a large group of attendees
  • The analysis is not as advanced as the competition.

Zoho is a very successful brand that has solutions for CRM, project management, helpdesk, collaboration and marketing.

Among its best stable applications we find Zoho Meetings, a product that many may consider valid only for videoconferencing. But it is much more than that, indeed it is one of the best webinar software.

Meeting offers many of the classic webinar features including a sophisticated registration solution, email notifications and reminders, polls and questions and answers, telephone dial-in, multiple presenters, and post-webinar reports.

It also uses Chrome and Firefox extensions to schedule and launch webinars, and the only technical requirement to view this is a valid browser such as Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Being a Zoho solution, we find great integrations and Meetings that interact with Zoho CRM and Zoho campaigns for promotion. These connections allow webinars to promote sales leads and process them using other Zoho tools.

Webinars are charged a monthly fee based on the maximum number of attendees. A webinar with up to 25 attendees is priced at $ 15 per month when billed annually and $ 19 when paid monthly. The largest option is 250 attendees, which cost $ 63 per month billed annually.

4. ClickMeeting

It is a videoconferencing service for companies of any size.


  • Free trial
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap
  • Works on YouTube and Facebook
  • High bandwidth requirements for HD videos
  • Sharing your screen
  • Reporting / analysis
  • Questions and answers
  • Event management
  • Live Chat
  • Social media promotion
  • Sistema multi-host
  • Polls / Voting


  • PPT animations don't work
  • Some features aren't that intuitive
  • Not easy to use app
  • Some complain about the video quality
  • Unclear interface

The origins of ClickMeeting I'm videoconferencing. However, it can also be used to host webinars and has a number of features dedicated to just that purpose

Hosted webinars can have bespoke pre-event engagement, including a waiting room before the presentation begins where additional information can be offered to attendees.

Surveys can be used to keep those watching engaged, even if the content is not live. You can freely mix live events with pre-recorded events and have segments of both.

For live webinars, a whiteboard can be active during the presentation or afterwards for a question and answer session.

One aspect of ClickMeeting, which has improved its reputation, is that it can be used to monetize webinar content using the platform's integration with PayPal to manage funds securely.

What many people like about ClickMeeting is that the pricing model doesn't care about the number of attendees. The lowest level floor is MyWebinars and costs $ 25 per month billed annually or $ 30 billed monthly.

That plan includes two presenters and standard definition video, but for $ 35 per month billed annually, the tier MyWebinars Pro includes four presenters, HD videos, and access to Facebook and YouTube Live services.

5. EverWebinar

The best webinar software for midsize businesses.


  • Easy to use
  • Works with WebinarJam
  • Template pages need to be reworked
  • Data reporting is poor
  • Webinar on request


  • Page templates are pretty ugly
  • Data and reports are weak
  • Not easy setup
  • It doesn't have a free trial
  • Too automated and little room for customization.

The solution offered by Everwebinar is strongly focused on sales and in particular on using the webinar model to present a sales presentation.

Therefore, it focuses on providing on-demand webinars that have been finely crafted to deliver the best possible sales pitch and close the deal with it.

The best process for developing a webinar is to use the sister product WebinarJam. This is a conventional webinar site and can stream a live event or pre-recorded presentation.

After giving a live presentation that generated sales, you can convert it to the Everwebinar format. And use the same content over and over.

Since those viewing the content will need to register in advance, they are more likely to think the presentation is live, even if it isn't.

The other major benefit of this methodology is that it allows webinars to be run in remote time zones from which the content is hosted.

The pricing is tricky if you want to use EverWebinar alongside WebinarJAM, since it costs $ 479 per year for a basic plan, and EverWebinar is currently on offer at $ 497 per year.

Best free webinar software

After showing you the paid and business webinar platforms. Here are the free ones for small businesses.

  1. Skype is a very powerful program that can manage webinars and online meetings with video calls and videochat up to 50 participants. It works not only from a PC but also from a smartphone even without the need to have an account. To participate, the lecturer will only have to send a link for the invitation to participate.
  2. Hangouts Meet is a special version of the Google Hangout video chat. Allows a maximum of 250 participants and it's free for everyone. You can hold online meetings and webinars with voice chat and screen sharing. Gifted to G Sutie and G Suite for Education customers.
  3. Zoom meeting is the best video calling platform. It accommodates a maximum of 100 participants for up to 40 minutes per videoconference. It allows you to carry out webinars via app, website, extensions and allows you to record video and audio while also sharing screenshots.
  4. Microsoft Teams is Microsoft's videoconferencing software. It is offered free of charge and accommodates a maximum of 250 participants who can work together and communicate with video or microphone via chat.

Other webinar software

Here are other solutions you might consider for your webinars.

  1. BigMarker: is a modern webinar platform created to allow you to host fantastic webinars, grow your audience and guide your customers. It starts at US $ 79,00 / month. Unfortunately it doesn't have a free plan but does offer a free trial version.
  2. Demio: is a program suitable for SaaS companies who want to effectively calibrate marketing and customer education through live video. It starts at US $ 49,00 / month and unfortunately it doesn't have a free plan but does offer a free trial version.
  3. GoBrunch: and the best free webinar software. In no time at all, you can create webinars for up to 500 people with the simple use of a camera, microphone and screen sharing. You can record your webinars and download videos. It does not require installation. GoBrunch has a free version and does not offer a free trial.

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