Where to see unlimited movies for free in high definition (HD)

Where to see unlimited movies for free in high definition (HD). A guide on where to find the best streaming sites for watching TV series and movies.

Portals for streaming ultra-high-definition movies do not always offer high-quality video and audio movies. Often these are films directly recorded in the cinema and whose quality is really poor. My advice is to browse the sites below to try to find movies that offer high definition video resolution. Usually these are unlimited free movies that came out about 3 months ago in theaters and are easier to enjoy in HD.

That is why in this guide you will find not only advice on how to bypass the blocking applied to sites by the providers, but also video and audio acronyms which will help you identify the quality of a movie before downloading it to your computer or mobile device.

Free unlimited high definition streaming movies

If after a long day of work you want to relax and watch unlimited streaming movies by relying on the Web, don't worry, below you will find a detailed list of websites, in high definition for free, where you can watch complete unlimited movies both on your computer and on Android, iOS or Windows Phone mobile devices.

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Where to see unlimited movies for free in high definition (HD)

Here is an always updated selection of free HD movies.

  • High definition
  • Animeforce.org
  • CB01
  • Sky TV
  • Film&Clips (YouTube)
  • Watch Series
  • IlGeniodelloStreaming
  • Korean Classic Film
  • MyMovies Live
  • MOVIE ON (YouTube)
  • Paramount Channel
  • Popcorntv.com
  • RaiPlay
  • SerietvOnline
  • TantiFilm
  • TV8
  • VVVVID (requires registration)

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Other paid HD unlimited movie solutions

There are many services that offer unlimited high definition movies with subscription, here are what they are:

  • Amazon Prime Video (30-day free trial)
  • Infinity (30-day free trial)
  • Mediaset Play (Web/Android/iOS)
  • Netflix (1 month free trial)
  • NOW TV (14 days free)
  • Tim Vision (1 month free trial)

How to change DNS to watch unlimited movies for free

If some of these unlimited free movies turn out to be offline or unreachable, it is because they have actually been blacked out in Spain. To fix this you will need to change the DNS on your PC.

Follow these steps:

  1. apri Home I awarded her Settings (gear wheel).
  2. Select Rete and Internet.
  3. If you are connected by cable select Ethernet  or Wi-Fi for wireless connections.
  4. Click on Modify scheda opzioni.
  5. Press the right mouse button on the network card icon (Ethernet or Wi-FI) and select Property, in the menu that appears.
  6. Select Internet Protocol versione 4 (TCP / IPv4) e premium pulsating Property.
  7. Set the DNS by checking the item Use the following DNS server addresses.
  8. Type the Google DNS addresses, in Preferred DNS Server and in Alternative DNS Server
  9. Check the item Valid impostazioni all'uscita and click on the button OK to conclude it all.

For more information read: How to change DNS Windows 10 e How to change DNS on Android and iPhone

How to block pages that open by themselves

If you have a browser Google Chrome you can block the popups of the sites without limits for free or advertisements that open themselves, by acting in the settings. Click on the 3 dots, at the top right, and in the menu that appears presses on Settings. Then go up Advanced (scrolling down) and in the section Privacy and safetyclick your Settings content.

In the Popups and redirects check that the check is enabled, you can also decide to disable it and decide to insert the specific link of a site, with Block e Add, to block pop-ups and redirects.

For Mozilla Firefox and other browsers, I recommend that you take a look at: How to block advertising on web pages.

Video terminologies to indicate the quality of streaming movies without limits

  • CAM: The movie was recorded with a hidden camera directly at the cinema and the video quality is really poor.
  • TS (TeleSync): The film was always recorded in the cinema with a professional camera, but the video quality is always poor.
  • TC (TeleCine): the quality is always poor but definitely superior to CAM and TS.
  • SCREENER / VHS SCR: The quality is slightly sufficient, it is a recording from a VHS videotape.
  • SCREENER / DVD SCR: the quality is always sufficient, it is a recording from a DVD made by film companies for use by critics. They may have copyrighted subtitles.
  • DVD RIP: The movie was recorded from DVD with Xvid or Divx compression codec. The quality is definitely good.
  • HDTV RIP: The movie was recorded from a TV with a high definition reception signal. Good quality.
  • PDTV / SATRip / DVBRip / DVB-S: The film was recorded from a satellite TV. Excellent quality.
  • BDRip / BDMux: The film was recorded by a BluRay and the quality is very high. The audio used is AC3 or DTS and the video files are in MKV or. MP4. BDRips are usually in 1080p format.
  • UNRATED: the film is uncensored.
  • REPACK: the film was reloaded on a P2P platform after being corrected for imperfections.
  • SUBBED: the film is subtitled.
  • REMASTERED: the film is digitally remastered.

Audio terminologies to indicate the quality of free high definition movies

  • MD (MicDubbed): Movie sound was recorded from a microphone. The quality is very poor
  • LD (LineDubbed): Movie sound was recorded through a jack connected to the camera. Quality is good.
  • DD (DigitalDubbed): Movie sound was recorded from a DTS source.
  • DTS: the audio of the film has a very good quality, DTS indicates the codec used and obtained from the BDRip type AVS videos.
  • AC3: The movie sound was recorded from a DVD or Bluray or from the cinema sound system in Dolby Digital 5.1. Very high quality.

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