WhatsApp Web is coming to use WhatsApp from PC

After explaining how to use WhatsApp from PC with Pidgin and through the software BlueStacks, finally, the messaging company has announced the arrival of a web application called WhatsApp Web to use and chat with WhatsApp from the PC desktop.

In reality it is not a real software but a web application that only works with Google Chrome and with Android.

To use WhatsApp from PC, you have to go to the menu button of the app (the icon with the three horizontal lines) and then up WhatsApp Web, go to the Official site of the application and photograph the QR Code (barcode) through the camera of your mobile device.

The system will associate the user's WhatsApp account with the PC and authorize the connection between the two devices.

In practice, the web page connects to the smartphone.

However, only use a Wi-Fi connection on your phone, avoiding tinkering or downloading unofficial apps, I remind you that a few days ago WhatsApp is temporarily suspending accounts using Whatsapp Plus and md.

WhatsApp Web is available for those who have a smartphone with Android, or for those who use BlackBerry, Windows Phone and some Nokia models. It is not yet available for iOS.

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