WhatsApp: the double blue check arrives for the read confirmation

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Finally the double blue check, WhatsApp introduced the ability for users to know when their interlocutor has actually read the message sent.

For a few minutes the mobile program allows you to view a double check in a different color: Blue, which differs from the double gray check that indicates the delivery of the message on the user's device (formerly green checkmarks)

The double blue check for read receipts on WhatsApp

Furthermore by selecting and dragging (from right to left) a single message sent you can view all related information on the exact time of delivery (double gray check mark) and reading (double blue check mark).

Innovation also affects i Groups: before it was not possible to know the delivery data, now you can not only view the actual delivery of messages to individual users of the group, but also know who has already read it and who has not yet (by selecting and dragging the single message sent ).

So summarizing the meaning of the WhatsApp checkmarks:

  • Clock: indicates that the phone is trying to send the message but you probably have a poor connection. In this case the message has not yet started.
  • A green / gray tick (depending on the app): the message has been successfully delivered to the Server (indicates that the message has reached the WhatsApp servers).
  • Two green / gray ticks (depending on the app): the message was successfully delivered to the recipient's phone (WhatsApp servers delivered the message to the recipient).
  • Two blue ticks: The message has been sent, delivered and read by the recipient.

The novelty is available for Android, iOS and WIndows Phone.

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