WhatsApp eliminates the annual fee of 89 cents and comes back for free

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WhatsApp, the Facebook messaging app, will come back for free. The announcement was made a little while ago by the founder Jan Koum, the annual fee of 89 cents per year will be eliminated

The company, he explained Koum, realized that the annual subscription approach, after using the application free for 12 months, did not work well, as many users without a debit or credit card, after the first year of using WhatsApp , are worried about losing their contact with friends and family. For this reason, the company has decided to remove any type of fee from the different versions of the app in the coming weeks to stop charging anything.

WhatsApp purchased from Facebook, two years ago, for 19 billion dollars it boasts over 900 millions of active users per month and according to the statements made by Koum during the DLD conference in Munich, it will continue to offer a free service without advertising and will start working to connect businesses with people. Large companies will be able to use WhatsApp not only as a customer service but also to manage transactions and payments with customers. 

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