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It is true that the annual subscription to whatsApp is just 0,89 cents but today we explain the trick to get Free whatsapp.

There is a software called Wassap which in seconds allows you to extend your whatsApp subscription by another 365 days.

The procedure for having Free whatsapp it's this one:

We install the runtime Microsoft .Net Framework (version must be 4).

Before turning off the smartphone, we check that the expiry date of the subscription does not exceed 30 days.

Now let's install Wassap following the wizard. We denote the paese, number phone on which to extend the subscription and the Password in the required fields.

The information for obtaining the password is displayed by clicking What is My Password and they are different depending on the operating system on which WhatsApp runs.

If the smartphone's operating system is Android, iOS, or BlackBerry, the password is the IMEI code present in the packaging of the mobile device or obtainable by dialing the code * # # 06 on the phone keypad.

For devices with Windows Phone the password will be the Device unique ID.

So after putting our country, our phone number, our password, we select the option Old WhatsApp and press the button Login.

A notification The Phone number and/or password are incorrect will tell us that the operation, to have WhatsApp free, it was not successful, but in reality by turning our smartphone back on we will realize that the WhatsApp expiration date has been extended by another year.

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