What is the best graphic resolution for a website

    Those who deal with SEO hardly ask themselves the problem of resolution of a website, as it doesn't seem like a feature taken into consideration by search engines.

    However, this is a serious mistake, because anyone who accesses our site and fails to view the pages on it correctly will leave it after a few seconds. For this reason the choice of the resolution on which to set the layout of a website is important.

    If we use a layout al 100% it automatically adjusts to the screen resolution. However, care must be taken that all the internal modules are also able to adapt. This technique is sometimes detrimental to the layout, which may not be very gorgeous.

    To see what the optimal resolution for our website might be, we may rely on statistics taken from other websites in order to understand which resolution is most used by users who surf the web. From the data provided by marketshare.hitslink.com it can be seen that today the most used resolution is 1024 x 768, Followed by 1280 x 800. The optimal resolution would be to develop pages with dynamic width, but with a minimum structure of about 1000px.

    What is the best graphic resolution for a website

    It is important to reserve a special layout for mobile devices, then ensure that our website is also usable by mobile phones, PDAs, smartphones and so on. Once the layout and graphics have been implemented, there remains one last step to see to understand if our site is correctly displayed in the various browsers, test what was created in other resolutions or on other web browsers. In this regard, some useful tools come to our aid to check how our website is displayed at different resolutions and on different browsers.



    Carry out so-called tests cross browser it is a fundamental step but most of the time it turns out to be a difficult task.

    A first step is to perform preliminary tests through simulation software that check the compatibility of the website within different browsers. Among the main services we can mention:





    Through the tools illustrated we can understand if the work done is adequate or if some changes to the graphics or components need to be made to make the website compatible with different video resolutions and on different browsers.

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