What does Landing Page mean?

    In web marketing landing page is the specific page that the visitor reaches after clicking a specific link or an advertisement. Often, this page displays content that is an extension of the link or advertisement, or the page is optimized for a specific keyword (keyword) the phrase per “to attract”Search engines.

    The classic use is in programs of advertising keyword base like Google AdWords or in affiliate programs such as Zanox o TradeDoubler.

    What does Landing Page mean?

    A landing page it is often customized for campaigns pay per click so that its content is as "vertical" as possible, as close as possible to what is searched for on the search engine. Often campaigns are even carried out with parameters; this is the case with dating sites.

    there two types of landing pages, calls

    • Consultation landing page (Reference): they have the purpose of communicating important information for the visitor; these pages may also include particular text or elements.
    • Transactional landing pages (Transational): instead they push the surfer to complete a certain activity (usually fill in a form on the web). This type of landing page, by far the most used, is used to sell products, services or content.

    THEobiettivo of a landing page is to ensure that as many surfers (measured as unique users) arrive on the page and convert into registered users; the efficiency index is called conversion rate (Conversion Rate, “CR”).
    To ensure a good CR, the presence of some parameters is important:

    • Broadest possible compatibility of the landing page on all platforms, by resolution used, by weight in Kb, by chosen technologies (not recommended, if not essential, Java, Flash, but any kind of programming level; the best landing pages are usually trivial .html pages).
    • Presence of a very clear and unique request for action. One thing to do, no external links on the page.
    • Presence of special offers, such as: Special offer but only by…, Sign up and get the first week for free….
    • 10%, 30%, 50% discount ...

    Source: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landing_page

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