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Il cashback success is making this mode of purchase more and more popular, in fact through these websites it is possible to save on all the products and services that you buy on the internet. This is a quick and easy way to make online shopping more convenient, however it is important to only go to trustworthy platforms. Here are some useful tips to understand what are the best cashback websites.

The reputation of the cashback program

Obviously the first thing to do is to choose a program of safe and advantageous cashback, relying on a serious company with a solid reputation behind it. For this reason it is essential to check who is behind the management of the website, verifying that it is one qualified and well reviewed company by users.

In this sector, one of the most famous platforms is without beam Bestshopping, one of the first cashback portals in Spain to offer one of the best proposals ever, with a large number of partner stores, convenient refunds and a quick and easy online shopping experience via app, web console or plugin to install in your browser. If you are looking for a safe and reliable cashback program, visit the site, as it will hardly be possible to find a better platform on the market.

Registration must be free

Another aspect not to be underestimated is the free registrationIn fact, the most reputable cashback websites all provide membership without having to pay anything. This is an essential requirement, as companies earn by withholding a small percentage from refunds, so there is no need to charge commissions or subscriptions for using the platform.

Furthermore the registration procedure must be quick and easy, by creating a personal account by entering just the name, surname and email address. In some cases there is also a premium version, a sort of cashback vip for users who want to benefit from higher re-credits and more favorable conditions, a service whose usefulness is to be verified according to their needs and the annual amount of online shopping.

The offer of affiliated shops

One of the features to find out which is the best cashback website is undoubtedly theoffer of affiliated stores, a proposal that must be broad, of quality and in line with one's needs. Of course, the most popular brands for online purchases must be present, with a varied selection of most popular international brands for each product category.

It is also important that they are also available small online stores, able to meet the new needs of click & collect, that is the online purchase with the collection in the store, an increasingly requested and efficient solution nowadays. In principle, it must be checked that the cashback program offers all the shops where it is usual to buy our products, to avoid not finding the right portal at the time of purchase.

Pay attention to the cashback percentage

The main advantage of cashback is the possibility of obtaining a refund of part of the money spent, so it is essential that the refund percentages are affordable. In this case it is necessary to consider the type of agreement existing between the store and the cashback platform, in addition to the commission applied by the company to offer the service, a portion withheld on each re-credit.

The reimbursement can be very different on the various portals, with a percentage that generally ranges from 2/3% per get up to 15/20%, although there are also lower or higher cashbacks depending on the situation. Furthermore, these thresholds are not fixed, but may vary over time, however it is advisable to check and compare proposals of the various platforms.

Check the times and methods of reimbursement

With the cashback you get refunds with each purchase, money that is credited to your account after a certain period. The wait depends on the partner store and the cashback site, with times ranging from 30 days up to 90 days. To avoid waiting too long it is important to choose a platform that ensures a fast and efficient system.

Likewise it is essential to check that the payout it is not excessively high, with a minimum altitude to be reached that it should not never exceed 50 eurosotherwise it may take a long time to collect your refund. The money must be easily withdrawable, so through online transfer or PayPal, alternatively some portals allow you to convert credit into discount vouchers or coupons to be used for subsequent purchases.

Cashback management system

To discover the best cashback website It is essential to check the quality of the platform technologies, in fact profile management must be easy and intuitive, without excessive steps that can make online shopping complicated. In particular, the presence of one is important modern web console, quick and easy to navigate, so you can find online stores quickly.

Furthermore, amobile app, free to download for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The application is an increasingly used channel to buy online, so the app must be of the latest generation, ensuring aoptimized shopping experience and the ability to monitor refunds at any time, to save money with cashback and shop online without stress.

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