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The great variety of content on Instagram immerses you in a new world every day, creators from all nations are committed to posting images, videos and informative content in order to entertain or teach something.

It will surely not have escaped you that the most famous influencers always make it clear that their followers, although they view their content, are not active enough. Although it may seem like a throwaway sentence, in reality the most famous characters of this platform base a lot of their success on Impression.

In the next few lines we will investigate this topic better, focusing our gaze on what are Impressions on Instagram and how you can view the number and exploit its potential.

Guide to Impressions on Instagram (and their interpretation)

When you browse Instagram screens, whether you may or may not have fun, the platform automatically monitors the information related to the stories and posts you observe with which you interact. It might seem a strange situation to you but in reality Instagram protects your privacy completely but steals useful information such as: time on the platform, most viewed stories e number of comments and likes.

Therefore information that is harmless both for you and for the proposed contents. Instead, they are very useful for those who want to use this data with the tool Insight, the latter able to help influencers in verifying the degree of interaction of users with their profile.

Understanding the importance of such a tool and consequently of the Impressions, in the next paragraphs we will deal with: how you see the Impressions on Instagram, what are the Impressions in a story, what are the interactions on Instagram, the difference between Coverage and Impressions , difference between impressions and views and how to increase impressions on Instagram.

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As you can see the Impressions on Instagram

The first step to be able to access the information of the Impressions is to own a account corporate. If you have a private account, the time has come to make the switch to the corporate one, fortunately it will take a few seconds and has no additional cost.

  • Download the app Instagram for Android or iOS and log in to the platform.
  • Press the bottom right on your profile picture, the home page of your main page will open.
  • At the top right they are present three overlapping vertical lines, press on it and then select Settings.
  • Select Account and subsequently Switch to a professional accounte.
  • Instagram will explain the guidelines to follow to finish the operation.

From now on you can use the tool Insight, called Analytics, and analyze the impressions.

What are Impressions in a Story

We're sure you were aware that Instagram Post Impressions could be viewed, but we're not sure if you know the definition of an Impression in a Story.

Although the definitions can be very similar it is easy to deduce how generic Impressions are aimed at all content on the platform while Story Impressions analyze the specific views of this area of ​​Instagram.

In fact, with Impression we identify that expression that indicates the number of times a content is viewed, be it a post, advertisement or story. When you hear about Impressions in a Story, it refers to the views and interactions that users have had with the Instagram Stories feature.

What are interactions on Instagram

By analyzing more deeply the features of Insight you will be able to evaluate, in addition to the views and impressions, also the interactions. But what exactly are Instagram interactions? From a technical point of view, interactions are nothing more than the sum of all the actions that Instagram subscribers have performed on your profile after viewing your post.

We can therefore say that all those actions that determine other actions belong to interactions. To give you an example: a follower views your post and then, spurred on by the content, begins to visit your profile and maybe clicks on your link or even decides to follow your profile.

If you have a good number of followers this feature can be very useful for you better plan your marketing strategy. Careful management of posts and interactions will increase the number of followers and consequently the appeal of sponsors.

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Difference Between Coverage and Impression

Among the different indicators made available by Instagram you may get confused between the different terminologies. In the previous paragraphs we have seen what Impressions were and how useful they can be to understand the behavior of followers or potential ones.

Another term you will often find in Insights is Coverage, what does it mean? If you are using the English version of Instagram, the term Coverage is identified with Reach. If the Impressions represent the recording of all the times that your followers have viewed a content on your Instagram profile, Coverage is identified as that function that monitors all views made by the individual user.

In order not to get confused, let's make a clear example: in the event that one of your followers views the exact same post 5 times in a different period of time, Instagram will record 5 Impressions but the Coverage data will provide you as a value of 1. This happens because the same person viewed that content uniquely, even if at different times.

Difference between impressions and visualizations

We are sure that the question arose spontaneously for you too: "what is the difference between impression and visualization?". We can say that the main feature that differentiates a visualization from an Impression is the link to other sources.

To be more precise we can say that the views correspond to all those data that can be viewed by Instagram subscribers but do not require a direct connection with a Facebook page.

It may seem like a small detail but for a person who works with social networks it can make all the difference in the world. Through Instagram you can advertise different contents, services or products and to plan an optimal marketing strategy, necessarily having to invest in Impressions to earn well. Even companies that want to use your profile to advertise they evaluate the number of impressions you can produce to trust or not your potential and above all your visibility.

Most brands pay for ads based on the number of total impressions, you can imagine how superfluous a lot of views for their own sake can be compared to Impressions.

How to increase impressions on Instagram

Once you understand the mechanism of impressions, it is important to plan a strategy that can best increase them. Let's see what are the aspects to consider to increase your Impressions.

  • Quality content: always valid rule on social networks is to produce high quality content to stand out from the crowd. The better the content produced, the greater the Impressions. There creativeness and standing out can help you greatly in providing fresh and appealing posts.
  • Periodic publication: strategy now abused by all but always working is that of publish quality posts frequently. With a higher number of posts you have the possibility to increase the number of Impressions. For more information on the subject read: When to publish on Instagram.
  • Hashtag: the use of hashtags can greatly help you in targeting followers who have never visited your profile in observing the content you propose. A wise use of keywords will allow you to have greater visibility. Read also: the best Instagram hashtags to get likes and followers.
  • Community: aspect that you must never underestimate to increase the Impressions on your posts is theinteraction with users. By responding to their comments and making them part of a familiar context they will love to follow your content and consequently you will get a better number of impressions as well as a better relationship with them. Instagram users are the key to achieving meaningful goals.

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