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You are perhaps looking for what a deleted contact sees on Telegram? Here's everything a contact might see after they are deleted.

Periodically changing your smartphone or phone number can sometimes lead accounts and applications to unpredictable behavior. Among the conditions that occur most frequently is that of deleting documents or contacts from the device. Although this problem does not appear in some cases, it is questionable what happens in those cases.

Telegramthanks to its synchronization system, it hardly runs into this problem, indeed in most cases one suddenly finds contacts from many years ago in the address book. In this case there is a need to eliminate unnecessary contacts and perhaps we are inclined to eliminate others that are deemed irrelevant.

You will surely have asked yourself what a deleted contact sees on Telegram and what are the dynamics related to this issue on the Telegram platform. In the next few lines we will answer these and many other related questions.

Anything that a contact might see after it is deleted

When you delete a contact from Telegram the possible scenarios are mainly two: you simply delete the contact from the application or block and then delete the contact. Let's see what happens in both cases.

User deleted from Telegram

If you have only deleted a contact from Telegram and followed the canonical procedure with the button Delete contact, then what users will be able to continue seeing of your profile depends on the settings selected in Privacy and security. To access this section, press on the Android or iOS operating system, at the top left, on the three lines above, the window will open in which you will have to select Settings and subsequently Privacy and security.

In the area Privacy you can choose the options that can be viewed by your contacts and by those that are now deleted: profile picture, Last Access e telephone number. By setting the option All on these functions, instead of My contacts, you will also allow deleted users to see your activities on Telegram.

Se il contact that you remove from Telegram it is also saved in the iOS and Android address book e se Contact synchronization is enabled in the messaging app settings, the next time you log in to Telegram il contact will be visible again in the list.

User blocked and deleted from Telegram

Technically, a contact deleted on this platform can see your status in case you are Online, can see if you are writing a message, can receive your messages and finally has the opportunity to view your profile photo. However, these conditions are lacking when, in Privacy and security, you decide not to let blocked people see any information.

The blocked person will no longer be able to see your profile status, your last login or your profile picture or other information about your account.

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What does deleted account on Telegram mean

Technically, when you delete a contact from the Telegram address book and this is not present in the traditional smartphone address book, the contact is completely deleted.

So that you can retrieve it and be able to add it first to the phone book and then to the Telegram one, you need that person's SIM number. So we can say that deleting a contact from Telegram is equivalent to permanently deleting it also from the storage system on the platform server.

Why don't I see a contact on Telegram?

When installing Telegram on your smartphone, theapplication automatically syncs to your phone book trying to associate the numbers present with those who are registered on the blue platform. If you do not see a contact in the Telegram address book, the reasons may be different, but in most cases they are identified with the synchronization andabsence of registration.

  • In the first case, if you are on Android, perform a new synchronization by going to the section Settings and subsequently on Privacy and security. From here click on Synchronize contacts to reposition them in their place.
  • If, on the other hand, you are in the condition of not seeing the desired contact, then most likely the person you are looking for is not registered on Telegram or has blocked you in his settings.

Phantom Telegram account deleted

Very interesting functionality of Telegram concerns that d make yourself invisible to your contacts. In the section Settings, Privacy and security you will find the option Last login and online; this allows you, by selecting Nobody, to be completely invisible to your contacts.

Note that you will not see the last login or the online status of the people you share yours with. An approximate time will be shown.

If so, in section Add exceptions, you can add users or entire groups as exceptions to see your last login.

While it may seem like an underutilized feature, it's actually very useful if you don't want deleted contacts to see your status when you're online as well. This way you can improve your privacy.

How to tell if he has deleted me from the address book

You will surely have investigated the methods to understand who deleted you from the Telegram address book. Although there are so many guides, sometimes you fall into confusion and find yourself experimenting with third-party applications that are not suitable.

The safest and fastest method is particularly ingenious but very simple to apply.

  • Open Telegram and go to the chat, just click on the pencil icon at the bottom left.
  • Create a New group by pressing on the dedicated option at the top of the screen.
  • Enter the people you are interested in to know if they have deleted your number or not and press on arrow at the bottom right to insert them into the newly created group.

Now that won't be enough for you open the group and write us a message, this system will highlight who has received and read your text, indirectly informing you of the presence or absence of the deleted number. Telegram, in fact, with its two blue ticks it will highlight that at least one member of the group has received and read the message, giving you the information you were looking for initially even if not for a single user.

On the contrary, if sent to the single recipient, the two ticks will indicate that the message has actually been read.

Alternative solution lies in the third-party applications that monitor, both on Android and iOS operating systems, the telephone number and your contacts. We would like to advise you against such methods in order not to run into more serious problems related to IT security and potential scams.

Can anyone who doesn't have my number see me on Telegram?

When you ask yourself what a deleted contact sees on Telegram, you inevitably end up wondering if Is it possible to search for a friend or acquaintance without having their number?

When you sign up for Telegram, the platform asks you to also enter a nickname and to choose whether to make it private o public. If you knew the nickname and it was public, you could search for it by clicking on the top magnifying glass and then typing theusername to search preceded by @ symbol.

This is obviously also true if you have a nickname and a non-private profile.

In theory, Telegram does not allow users who do not have your number to view your account, but absolutely yes to those who have had it in the past.

How to recover a contact deleted from Telegram

In the rush to delete contacts you no longer need, did you realize that you have inadvertently deleted a Telegram contact you particularly care about? Calm and cool, although the situation is not the best we can still remedy it.

Keep in mind that even if you delete a contact on Telegram and it remains saved in the Android address book and the function Synchronize contacts, in the settings of the messaging app, is enabled, by accessing Telegram again the contact will be visible again in the list.

To permanently delete it from the Telegram app, you will need to disable the feature Synchronize contacts that you find in pressing the icon of three lines horizontally> Settings> Privacy and security.

If the contact does not continue to appear on your Telegram contacts, tap the lines horizontally, top left, and go up Contact Us. Pigia sul little man button +, at the bottom right, and enter the contact with the requested information: Your name, Last name, nationality e telephone number to then confirm.

If you have deleted the name manually from the Android phone book, you will need to find the contact.

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If I uninstall Telegram will my contacts still see me?

Technically nothing happens when you uninstall or log out of Telegram. All archives, chats and messages sent and received remain in the application even if you connect from another device. Your contacts will continue to view the information you left in the same way. They will simply notice your absence from a very outdated access to the program or from the elimination of the same.

You must know, in fact, that Telegram after 180 days from uninstallation or disconnection, automatically delete your history in the app, making it de facto active only for the channels and groups you belong to.

in Settings and then in the section Privacy and security you will find the option Delete my account. From here you can choose to do it immediately or opt for: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year from the inactivity of the application.

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