Useful Resources for Webmasters

There are many tool to which a Webmaster can refer to manage their site.

Here are some of them:

Google Webmaster Help Center (;

Google Webmaster Help Center: with in-depth documentation on topics for Webmasters (;

Google Webmaster Central Blog: Frequent posts from Googlers on how to improve the site (;

Google Webmaster Tools: we optimize the way Google interacts with our site (;

Google Webmaster Guidelines: indications regarding design, content, technical aspects relating to quality (;

Google Analytics: it indicates our visitors, which pages they visit and we keep an eye on the reference samples of our sector (;

Google Website Optimizer: We optimize our pages to understand what works and what doesn't (;

Tips on how to use a Seo-Search Engine Optimizer: (;

Another useful tip I can give you and follow the channel video by Google on Youtube, contains very useful information on the use of its services. 

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