Use the smartphone camera as a webcam

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If the Webcam of your PC is broken or you do not have one available, you can safely use the camera of your smartphone.

Smartphone cameras in addition to allow perfect shots, have high megapixels, autofocus and LED flash, and can also work as a webcam.

Continue reading the following lines and using the software Smartcam you will understand how to use the smartphone camera as a webcam.

Open the Command Prompt pressing Win + R and type cmd pressing immediately after Submit. In the window that appears, type Ipconfig I awarded Submit. In this way you can recover theIP address that your PC has in the LAN (read the value of the IPv4 Address).

Now move to the Android smartphone, open the Play Store and install the app Smartcam Webcam by Deion.

Launch the software on both devices.

On smartphone go to Settings, Choose TCP/IP (WIFI) like connection typeaward Remote server and enter the IP address of the computer. Then press Connect WiFi.

On your PC, make sure that in File/Settings the connection type is also here TCP/IP (WIFI), then click the connect button on the right.

From now on you can use your phone's camera on all software that support the use of virtual webcams using Wi-Fi.

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