The origins of Google - the startup that becomes a giant of the Web

    In 1996 two students Larry Page e Sergey Brin with the application "BackRub”Launched an Internet search engine where the results had to appear first web pages with multiple links to other pages.

    This method was later called "PageRank", Calculated on daily visits, connections, domain extensions, etc .., and since the two students were not familiar with programming languages, they decided to create a very simple home, without any buttons. The Search key was introduced later.

    The origins of Google - the startup that becomes a giant of the Web

    In 1997 Page and Brin dealt with Yahoo for the sale of their idea. The amount requested, one million dollars, was considered too high by Yahoo, which five years later would have gone as far as offering 3 billion dollars.

    Larry Page and Sergey Brin, however, were not discouraged and opened the doors to Investors foreign and then officially founded in 1998 the Google Inc. (the logo was later inspired by the color of the legos used by the founders to hold the first server together). The daily searches, carried out through their search engine, had reached 500.000.

    Starting with the 2002 AdWords proved that search engines could have been too source di gain. On the pages that resulted from the search, they began to appear ads Advertising in theme with the terms searched. Through this business model Google became market leader and established itself as one of the most prestigious brands under the leadership of Eric Schmidt, appointed CEO in 2001.

    The origins of Google - the startup that becomes a giant of the Web

    The money earned was invested in the purchase of companies such as Picasa e YouTube, and then also devote himself to the development of his own applications such as the browser Chrome and the smartphone operating system Android.

    Here began the first conflicts with the other giant Microsoft who complained about the lack of real privacy on the part of the competitor Google, able to collect a lot of user data to make it his capital; analyzing users means guessing which advertising has the greatest impact on them.

    Then the words of Eric Schmidt “We know where you are. We know where you were. We know more or less what you stop to think about "did nothing but increase the many controversies from users and the media precisely because these statements made the image of good guys that Google had had throughout its history wavered.

    Google's response to Microsoft from Sergey Brin was not long in coming: “I'm worried about Microsoft. They said they wanted to destroy Google. It seems to me that their path is paved with the wreckage of failed businesses. “.

    One thing that is certain is Google's victory over the competition simplicity and in the fact that its rise had no equal.

    The origins of Google - the startup that becomes a giant of the Web

    A curious case is the patent of the algorithm of research which constitutes the soul of Google, which is not held by the Mountain View company but from the university of Stanford where Page and Brin wrote their theses. As a reward for the exploitation of the patent, Google had to pay out 1,8 million shares at the university, which in 2005 it sold for 336 million dollars.

    At just 39 years old and with a fortune of 20.3 billion dollars, the two founders of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the youngest super-rich Americans.

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