The potential of Google as a search engine

The potential of Google it is much broader than we think. there 10 things to know to make the most of it:

  1. Let's sign up. It is necessary to have Gmail and to publish and comment Youtube Videos. But it also allows its subscribers the ability to customize searches. Like? click on "Search Settings" at the top right. Then go to "location" in the left column and enter your address. It will take this into account when you search, for example, for a restaurant or a shop, offering you results closer to your home.
  2. Are you looking for 2 or more words? Enter "and". For example, if the search is on the sea and Spain: putting the English conjunction “and” between them, Google will show you only the sites where both are present.
  3. If you enter words in quotes, you will get the sites where they are next to each other, in the order you entered them. Useful when looking for the verse of a song or a person by name and surname.
  4. If you don't remember a word in a sentence, for example the opening words of a poem, replace it with the asterisk and Google will reveal it to you.
  5. Web pages have a title and content. When you search for a word, Google shows you the sites where it is present in both. To make your search precise, write: "titolo", a colon and the word you are looking for (eg. titolo: cosmopolitan). And Google will only show you the words that include it in the title.
  6. Google doesn't just give you web page addresses. Do you want to know the euro-dollar exchange rate? Just write "1 euro in dollars" and he will answer you. It also works with measurement conversions (example: "100 meters standing" or "50 kilos in pounds").
  7. You can also ask him for other things like "Meteo Milan" and find out with a click if you need an umbrella. Do you want to know in which cinema they give a certain film? Write: movie, colon, title, leave a space and then add the city. Result: the list of cinemas in your city with the showtimes of the film you were looking for.
  8. The results can also be creatively displayed. Go to (acronym for What do you love) and after doing your research, Google will present you paginated results creatively and divided by genre: films, photos, forums ...
  9. Big G is doing very well in math. If you don't believe it, try asking him "30% of 7965" and in less than a second you will have the answer. And it also does operations with +, -, /, *. Also, if you put the digits in brackets, it also resolves the expressions.
  10. You can have a laugh between searches. Type "do a barrel roll" (without quotes) in the Google search bar and see what happens. Or try "Google Gravity". You will find that even search engines know how to be self-deprecating.

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