The meaning of the audio and video acronyms of the Downloaded Movies

Here is an explanation of all the acronyms concerning all those films that we find on the web and that are useful to identify their quality. From highest to lowest quality, this post will help you understand the video and audio quality of the downloaded movie. We hope to clarify your ideas.

How to recognize the quality of the downloaded movie or TV series

If you are using a Torrent program or you are visiting sites to download movies without registration and the video files indicated have strange acronyms of which you do not know the meaning, here is a valid explanation for these acronyms.

You will find out what is the meaning of DVDRip, BDRip and the meaning of torrent movies you will download.

Meaning of the abbreviations of the video files

Oranges: Video taken with camera in the room (quality: 4).
TS TeleSync: Video taken with a fixed camera in the room (quality: 5/6).
TC TeleCine: Video taken by telecine machine (quality: 7). the quality varies a lot, it depends on the machine, note that a dvd can also be made by telecinating a 35ml film so from a professional Telecine (intended as the Telecinare operation and not as a TC file) you can also get a DVD master
VHSRip: Copy acquired from VHS and ripped in DivX, XviD or SVCD; medium quality.
TVRip: Movie captured with digital TV card and ripped in DivX, XviD or SVCD; medium quality.
R5: is a release, made with a telecine machine from an analog source. Unlike a CT scan, digitization is done in a studio with professional equipment and usually from the original source. The aim is to create a high quality digital copy (usually for a later DVD release). But unlike a DVD, an R5 is released before digital post-processing is done. (quality: 8).
DVDScr: Video from promotional DVD source, with the presence of watermarks or scenes in B / W. the quality is generally the same as that of a retail DVD. (quality: 8).
DVDMux: The video comes from a DVD, the audio from another source. This abbreviation is an alternative to the wording DVDRip to indicate that the video comes from a DVD, the audio from another source.
DVDRip: DVD copy ripped in DivX or XviD and generally of very good quality. (quality: 10).
BDRip (BRRip): It is a DivX made by compressing an original BluRay Disc using suitable software and codecs. They have a high video quality and are similar to HD. (quality: 10)
DVB-s: means digital video broadcasting the S goes for satellite the T (DVB-T) for digital terrestrial
DTTRip: video recorded from a digital terrestrial channel.quality 6.5.
TV RIP: ripping similar to SAT RIP, except quality may vary
PD TV/SAT RIP/DVBRip: video recorded by satellite TV, excellent quality
HDTV RIP: video recorded in high definition: excellent quality

Meaning of the acronyms of the Audio files

MD: Mic Dubbed. Audio taken in the room via a microphone (quality: 5 to 6).
LD: Line Dubbed. Audio taken from direct jack to the camera. (quality: 7/8)
AC3: Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. Taken from commercially available DVDs. (quality: 8/9)
MP3: MP3 audio compression codec used. Vote quality 7.5
DD (Digital Dubbed): Audio from DTS cinema discs. This type of audio may no longer be reproducible, vote quality 7 1/2
DTS : Audio from DTS2 Rating Discs quality 8

Video Type Indications

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