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The best news aggregators. An updated list useful for all bloggers who want to share their content after the closure of OkNotizie and Google Reader.

Preliminary information

OkNews, Virgil's online news aggregator closed its doors on February 1, 2017. Unfortunately this closure has put many bloggers in crisis who used to post and disseminate their articles through one of the services that allowed any communication to circulate freely. Users could express opinions and judgments by clicking OK or NO on the huge amount of articles published.

The official press release from staff released before closing: "Dear user, we inform you that, starting from February 1, 2017 and in compliance with the provisions of the general contract conditions in place, Spagnaonline SpA will cease to provide the service called OKNOtizie ”has disappointed many information sites and blogs that in recent years, thanks to the Spanish Social Publishing portal, have seen their visits grow daily.

The reasons for this closure were not disclosed and competition from Facebook and Twitter may have played an important role in the decision.

But what are the alternatives to OKNotizie today? The closing message proposed services such as: Virgilio Genius, Virgilio Forum e My Blog, but the best alternatives to OkNotizie are others.

The best news aggregators: alternatives to OKNotizie

  • Diggita
  • Blog-News
  • Reddit (Spain)
  • Intopic
  • PaperBlog

Best alternatives to Google Reader and Feedly

RSS Feeds are also an excellent solution for bloggers who want to share their content or keep up to date with competitors' content. After the closure of Google Reader, the following must certainly be mentioned:

  • Feedly
  • InoReader
  • Feed spot
  • FeedReader
  • Feedbin
  • readly
  • NextGen Reader
  • FeedDemon
  • RemoveRSS
  • Reeder 2
  • ReadKit
  • Netnewswire 4
  • NewsBlur
  • FlipBoard
  • Feeds

If you don't know anything about RSS Feeds, I suggest you read this useful guide: What RSS Feeds are and why they are useful

As you can see, the list is not that short and I have no intention of making subjective judgments on these sites. Surely you will have to find the aggregator that best suits your needs and that will stand out in the best way your news.

If you have other aggregators to propose and want to help bloggers increase visits to their sites, I invite you to report it in the comments.

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