Technology and fitness, smart sports equipment and clothing are born

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The passion for the fitness it infects more and more people, who dedicate themselves to this activity to keep fit all year round, often dedicating a space inside their home to set up a sort of personal gym in which to practice their exercises, avoiding having to sign up in a gym and being able to train even when the weather conditions are not favorable for outdoor activities.

Practice the business on your own is becoming a real fashion, for which the new models of equipment ed smart clothing, which implement the latest generation technological improvements.

In fact, by setting up a space in the house with the necessary to carry out activities such as running, through a tapis roulant, or do bike training with one exercise bike or a spin biking in substitution, there is the possibility of having better performances thanks to the intervention of technology, able to implement novelties in the equipment, with a notable optimization of the conditions in which you train, which certainly become more pleasant.

They already exist in various different app stores smartphone app who manage to perform the task of a real commitment trainer, creating fitness training cards that include running, dieting and maintaining physical fitness with a detailed day by day card. A convenience that makes the fitness craze "contagious", with these apps which, thanks to the download numbers, serve as proof of this fact, with research from the United States explaining how 45% of a sample population uses applications for your own smartphone to carry out the fitness activity.

The importance obtained by these apps has meant that the new models of the various equipment are designed to integrate the connection with the smartphone, for example by consulting the technical data sheets kindly provided by the enerfitsport site, a portal dedicated to the sale of equipment for fitness activities, is You can see how the hottest models at the moment are complete with a real user interface with connection bluetooth e Wi-Fi, with the ability to interact as well as via smartphone, even with a mp3 player, in order to have every comfort available, also finding functions such as LCD to better manage the connection with your device, interacting with the device to set the training program according to your needs or by inserting a technical obtained through a dedicated application.

On the other hand, technology is available to fitness at 360 degrees by providing solutions such as the aforementioned smartphone apps and integrated functions in the new models of home fitness equipment, but also innovations on clothing, as a new model of elastic tank top, which inside has a sensor series able to constantly detect the beat cardiac breathing, provides statistics such as the kilometers traveled during the day and allows you to evaluate whether the time dedicated to rest is sufficient or not, up to indicating the level of stress accumulated daily, by connecting via bluetooth to your smartphone or even smartwatch, with an autonomy of 14 hours of battery life.

Technology and fitness come together, giving life to new technological solutions that make daily training more practical and comfortable, improving the conditions, both for outdoor practice and at home, with the possibility of constantly monitoring the values ​​of one's body and interacting with the tool with which the activity is carried out, including preset programs and training cards that today can be found directly on your smartphone.

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