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The professional social network LinkedIn has now also reached approx six million subscribers. Many are continuing to sign up to look for an interesting job, as are those who are not actually looking for a job but who have the perception that they need to be there.

Treat the profile like a curriculum vitae

LinkedIn was born in 2003 with the idea of digitize and publish your resumes online to build a network of knowledge and useful from a working point of view. The curriculum is the basis of the profile and must be filled in seriously in all its parts, avoiding grammatical errors, wrong dates or typos. Another important element is, the order of the sections in the profile is not immutable. You can organize them as we want by pressing the button modification.

Add contacts and links

Unlike the paper resume LinkedIn allows interactive , such as the inclusion of links to blog sites or YouTube channels, email addresses and NickNames.

The right image

LinkedIn offers the opportunity to present yourself from a professional point of view and it is necessary to introduce yourself in an appropriate way since you do not have second chances. So let's choose one photo would be in order to make a good impression.

Always be active

In LinkedI it is important to move, look for connections starting from current or former acquaintances and work colleagues. Try to customize contact request messages changing the message “I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn“. 

It is also possible to request reports: testimonials from colleagues on their work, and share interesting content with posts written by us or by other Bloggers.

Attend groups

We try to subscribe to groups interacting with others as much as possible. It can be crucial for promoting yourself or your business. We answer other people's questions, share interesting content, start a discussion or better yet create a group.

The business card 

Once it was easy to exchange business cards in the workplace and everything ended there. Today each ticket is a contact LinkedIn. In this regard, there are apps like that of the cardMunch purchased from LinkedIn that scans business cards and turns them into LinkedIn contacts.

Integration with other social networks

LinkedIn allows you to automatically share a post on Twitter and Facebook as well, just connect them.

Customize notifications

As business grows, many spam emails will flood our LinkedIn email. To limit the traffic it is better to enter Settings and to the voice Communication set the right frequency of the notifications.

Privacy on LinkedIn

Every time someone visits our profile, LinkedIn reports it to us; the same thing happens when we visit someone's resume. If this option bothers us and we want to prevent anyone knowing that we have visited his profile, we can go to Privacy and settings, use the menu at the top right, corresponding to our avatar, and change the parameters of "select the information others see when you visit their profile". Although, those with a paid account will still see our visits.

Remove or block a contact

remove a contact previously added between our friendships, we need to go in Network / Contacts / Remove Links and choose who to delete. For block a contact instead, go to the profile of the user to be removed open the menu next to the contact buttons and choose "block or report".

How to use keywords on LinkedIn

LinkedIn also has a internal search engine, so we have to manage it profitably and to be found we need to use keywords. These must be inserted nell’header, or in the short description accompanying our photo. Another point to place them is inside the description of our professional profile: for example in our competences or in our interests.

Backup of contacts

save all our contacts offline you have to go in Network / links or at and click on "Export links".

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