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Writing long emails with an iPad is not at all easy and above all not at all fast. Here are some tips to follow to improve your way of writing avoiding running into constant typing errors:

1. Divide the keyboard

If you press and drag up the horizontal lines icon on the iPad keyboard, you split it in two. Now you can hold the iPad and write with your thumbs. Drag down again to bring the keyboard back together.

2. Automatically complete sentences

Double-tap the space bar and iPhone and iPad will insert a period after the last word entered and capitalize the next first letter.


3. Find the hidden keys

Press and hold a key to see hidden characters, drag your finger over the one you need and let go to enter it. If you press a key and move your finger up it will insert the first character.

4. Create shortcuts

In Settings> General> Keyboard you can add shortcuts which are combinations of letters, which the device will automatically turn into a word. There are already letter combinations, but you can press on Add abbreviation to create your own. Don't use common words as a shortcut though or you'll end up with a sentence.

If you then want to indulge yourself with App to practice improving your writing, here are a few. The first three are text editors, while the last two are for note-taking:

  • Writings (4,49€)
  • iA Writer (cost € 0,89)
  • miTypewriter (0,79€)
  • Noteshelf (cost € 5,49)
  • Penultimate (Free)

Noteshelf for iPad

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