Xiaomi Mi Watch: promotion only on January 15

Xiaomi Mi Watch is finally available also on Amazon. The smartwatch of the Chinese company arrives in the beautiful country after 3 months from the official presentation. Yet, it immediately became much desired and not just by fans of the brand. If you want to make it yours, know that on January 15th a unique promotion will arrive, which will allow you to have it at a lower price.

On this one day of promotion, you will have the opportunity to make it yours Xiaomi Mi Watch for only 99 euros. But what are its specifications? Let's start with its design. The smartwatch is presented in a sober way, it does not exceed neither in sportiness nor in elegance, making it perfect for everyday use. Its display is a AMOLED from 1,39 inches.

Obviously, the sensors cannot be missing, which are:

  • GPS
  • Brightness sensor
  • Barometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Stress monitoring
  • PPG heart rate sensor

The latter sensor can be very useful for the pandemic that is affecting the world. Yes, because it not only detects the beats per minute of our heart, but it manages to also check the oxygen present in the blood, a fundamental fact to avoid the worst.

Furthermore, as well as the very famous Mi Bands, they can keep track of sleep and various sports activities. All this in just 32 grams. Do you think the battery will last a short time? Well, Xiaomi Mi Watch will surprise you with 16 days in duration with a single charge!

At the moment, the price of the Xiaomi Mi Watch is 140,88 €. But on January 15th there will be a special offer, which will lower the price up to 99 euros. In short, a really good opportunity to grab an excellent smartwatch!

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