How to sync iPad with Mac and Android tablet with PC

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When we work with ours iPad it is important that all information and documents are always up to date. The same goes for the photographs and videos that we have and that we would like to have on our Mac too.

La file sync between iPad and Mac takes place through the installation and use of iTunes, available for both Mac and PC:

After downloading iTunes (the software is free) from the Apple, you need to connect the iPad to the Mac via USB cable. We can also use the option Wi-Fi by checking the box in options.

If we decide to use the Wi-Fi function we won't have to worry about much else. Let's check in the tab Info sync with your email account, notes and more.

Also through the tabs at the top, we can synchronize all the other contents of the iPad with those of the Mac, such as photos, music and movies.

I tablet with Android operating system they can be seen as multimedia drives when they connect to the PC via cable USB. This allows you to synchronize the contents directly from the window that opens after the connection. 

Each tablet has its own software for connecting to the computer and transferring, or synchronizing, content. In this case, we will talk about the software Choose which allows you to sync files via USB and also in Wi-Fi mode and works with Samsung Android devices.

From within the Kies program it is possible to decide, simply by checking the relative boxes, which contents we want to synchronize. With Kies you can also decide to keep the synchronization of a specific folder active on the tablet.

The options for synchrony are very precise. With Outlook, for example, we can synchronize tablet and PC or just one of the two devices. We also have the greatest possible choice when it comes to contacts, programs and activities.

Kies, like other similar programs, also allows you to access functions for the backup complete of the data contained in the tablet. We can choose which content we want to make backup copies, or automate the operation.

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