Construction-electrical measuring instruments

When you are talking about building means the activity carried out by one or more people aimed at carrying out interventions and operations aimed at modifying, repairing, constructing, demolishing, renovating a building or portion of it.

Carrying out the various construction activities requires the use of measurement tools which allow the construction operator to be more precise but also to be able to evaluate some necessary aspects during construction.

What are the measuring instruments in construction

Here we list some of the measurement tools used by a construction worker who is specialized or is a simple worker.


Tools that they measure the relative humidity of air and materials, in this of construction use. They are composed of different types of probes depending on the material to be measured: external probe with long pins ideal for sand, grain, pebbles ..., external probe with pin to measure materials such as plasterboard, wood or cardboard, integrated probe to measure flat surfaces.

These types of measurement tools they are used in various sectors not only in the construction sector but also in agriculture, carpentry, horticulture and the naval sector.


Thermohygrometers complement the measurement of hygrometers since allow to measure the temperature and the humidity of the rooms, thus you have a complete picture of the building or room on which building interventions are planned. They are compact and easy to use measuring instruments.

Laser meters

Among measurement tools laser meters are undoubtedly the ones that are never lacking in the pocket of an engineer, surveyor, electrician. In fact, laser meters allow you to measure distances from different positions quickly and accurately.

Measuring tape

The laser meters measure automatically as we have said, while the tape measure it is a real tape measure to measure lengths, also called tape measure or tape measure. It is a flexible tape, wrapped in an ABS casing with rubberized inserts useful for a still lost, on which a graduated scale is imprinted sometimes present on both sides.

Sound level meters and calibrators

These two tools allow you to check the sound pressure in both open and closed environments. THE sound level meters they allow this measurement thanks to their composition, that is a microphone that perceives the sound wave and the transducer that transforms it into electrical quantity, so the data are then displayed on the display. Sound level meters are used in construction to measure the sound waves of an environment and understand how to best soundproof it, but they are also used in health care, environmental control and in the industry for machinery noise.


The sclerometer is part of the measuring instruments for checking concrete, that is, it measures the compressive strength of concrete constructions. The mechanism provides that a piston resting on the surface hits it and detects its resistance based on the rebound speed. Everything is measured by the device which detects the value on a screen.

Amperometric clamps

The current clamp is used on construction sites by those who deal with the electrical part and allows you to detect electrical currents on parts of buildings that cannot otherwise be found and in those that cannot be completely isolated. There are more or less professional current clamps that measure power, capacity, resistance….

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