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Are you looking for a way to make money on the Internet through your smartphone? If you don't know, there are many apps that allow you to earn money by performing simple operations such as clicking on advertising banners, surveys, watching videos, taking photos and more.

The latest arrival is called Quack! Messenger(formerly Chad2Win) and is a messaging app available for iOS e Android that makes you earn by chatting and pays you back the time of its use. Yes, you got it right!

In practice, the more you use it, the more it pays back the connection costs based on criteria such as the time of use, the number of contacts and messages exchanged. There is no shortage of advertising banners.

Through an account PayPal, the user can decide when the credit matures, whether to collect or donate it for social reasons. The maximum obtainable is 25 euros per month (the highest revenue is obtained by clicking on advertising banners).

Quack! Messenger is a secure communication platform, much like WhatsApp, where conversations are not stored and are encrypted with particular algorithms.

But let's see how Quack works! Messenger.

After downloading Quack! Messenger open it and register. Enter the required data and stop on Sign Up.

You will receive a code via SMS. Enter the code received in the app, confirm and continue.

Stop on +, at the top right, and start chatting and earning money with friends who have already installed Quack! Messenger.

Stop on the button Menu (the three vertical dots at the top) and then go up Contact Us. Select a friend to invite and stop on the appropriate button choosing how to send him the invitation link (WhatsApp, SMS, etc.).

If the friend signs up you will receive 5% more on your earnings.

Like on WhatsApp, with Quack! Messenger you can send photos, videos and short audio recordings with the microphone button. You can interact with the ads shown by the app and chat as long as you want at no expense. The gain is closely linked to the time you spend in the app.

To view the daily earnings, you have to go to the main screen, click on the Quack! and go to the tab revenue. To access enter the required information.

To collect revenueinstead, go on Revenue> Collect and select the month by entering your PayPal email. The amount earned will be credited by the 15th of the month.

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