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What are the differences between Iliad and, the two telephone companies that with their super affordable prices are revolutionizing the mobile market. Here is a comparison between the two low cost telephone operators and a detailed analysis to identify who has the best costs and which of the two is more convenient.

After entering the mobile phone market of Iliad, Vodafone has decided to run for cover by proposing the new virtual operator The two offer a series of services that are truly advantageous for users, but still have differences in price, browsing speed, roaming costs, extra costs, services and much more. Let's see which one to choose.

What is Iliad

Iliad is a French telephone company belonging to the Free Mobile brand. It relies on the telephone networks of the two operators that have merged: wind e Three.

What is the new virtual mobile operator of Vodafone, born to counter the arrival of Iliad on the market. He relies on Vodafone networks and this allows him to have significant advantages on national coverage.

Iliad vs, here what are the differences between Iliad and

Differences between Iliad and the price

The first difference between Iliad and that immediately catches the eye is the price. Iliad asks 5,99 € per month to have unlimited calls, SMS and 30 GB of data traffic, asks for it 6,99 € per month under the same conditions.

The offer for is valid until July 31 2018, for those who already have it, the cost will not vary, while with Iliad the price of 5,99 euros has been set until reaching one million SIM cards. You can buy the SIM online to receive it directly at your home or choose, from the portal, one of the many affiliated newsstands to book the SIM and pay for it once it has been collected. At the newsagent you will have to present the code issued when booking online, present a valid identity document, tax code and pay 16,99 euros (9,99 euros for SIM + activation and 7 euros for first recharge). You can then request portability through the app. Consider that from the first top-up of 7 euros the renewal cost for the first month of 6,99 euros will be deducted. the availabilities are 500 SIM cards per day.

After July 31, 2018, the activation costs will be 9,99 €.

Differences between Iliad and navigation speed

As for the navigation speed, the French operator Iliad does not set any limits, the user has the possibility to take advantage of the maximum speed of 4G + with a maximum download speed of up to 390 Mbps and 50 Mbps in upload., on the other hand, places speed limits on its 4G + network with a maximum download speed of up to 60 Mbps in download and 52 Mbps in upload.

Iliad leans on the net Wind-Three and leans on Vodafone which currently has a coverage of 99 percent on the national territory and 98 percent for the 4G network.

Differences between Iliad and calls abroad

As for EU roaming, both telephone operators allow you to have unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and 2 GB of extra traffic to be exploited in Europe. On the cost front extra Europe things change: Iliad allows you to have unlimited minutes of calls to landlines even in 60 countries and unlimited minutes to landlines and mobile phones in the United States, Alaska, Canada and Hawaii. As far as the rest of the world is concerned, it is necessary to take a look at the details of the roaming tariffs., on the other hand, for non-EU citizens takes into account the Zone. For further information, read my Guide Abroad by ho.

On the traffic front, asks for a cost of 0,24 cents for each megabyte consumed. Iliad for traffic outside Europe asks 0,23 euro cents per megabyte.

Differences between Iliad and activation costs and extra threshold costs

Both the telephone operators Iliad and give users the possibility to purchase the SIM at their respective websites. The activation costs for both, including the shipping of the SIM, are 9,99 euros. The cost of the first renewal of the offer must be added to this amount: 5,99 euros for Iliad e 7 euros per, whose monthly fee is € 6,99.

The offer provides 30 GB of data traffic to be used within 30 days. The costs called "extra threshold“, That is, those that the user will have to sustain upon exceeding the use of 30 GB they are different for both operators. Iliad charges 0,90 euro cents for every 100 MB (therefore 9 euros each GB), while uses the "Restart“, Which at the price of another month moves the renewal date by restarting the offer from the beginning. So if the renewal was on the 20th of each month but the user ends the GB available on the first day of the month, paying the month will reactivate the offer by postponing the subsequent renewal to the 1st day of each month.

Differences between Iliad and the services included in the offers

More differences between Iliad and are the services included in the offers. Iliad allows you to listen to voicemail messages and receive a message if busy for free, while with telephone answering services and call me back yes heathen.

In addition, both have the hotspot function but also the control of the credit residue andnotice di call. With you can consult your remaining credit and top it up through two valid apps, one for Android and one for iOS. Iliad does not yet have any official app to view and top up your remaining credit.

Differences between Iliad and renewals and breaks

If you want to pause your SIM and the monthly offer, with Iliad and it is possible. If your remaining credit is not enough, the two telephone operators block the possibility of making calls and the data connection until you top up and then renew the credit sufficient to cover the offer you have subscribed to. The credit can be reloaded as and when you want either by credit on C / C or by credit card.

For more information I suggest you take a look at the official websites of Iliad and

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