Personalized keychains: an evergreen gadget for brand promotion

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I keychain they are objects of common use extremely widespread; for this reason, they have always been exploited to promote brands and brands of all kinds. The possibility of making all kinds of Customization, in fact, it is among the prerogatives that allowed this gadget to never go out of fashion but to be constantly reinvented according to the most varied advertising needs. Customized solutions can be implemented in many different ways; in this article we will see which are the most common options and how they can be exploited to make promotional campaigns more effective.

How to customize a keychain

Being a small object (and it could not be otherwise, in order not to limit its practicality), key rings offer few solutions in terms of customization. The parts on which it is possible to engrave or print a logo are theanello to which the keys are attached, the buckle leather (if present) that accompanies the key ring - making it more visible and easy to find - or the pendant, which performs the same function. Furthermore, it is possible add a gadget small, to make the keychain even more personal and recognizable.

Since the spaces for customization are reduced (and, consequently, must be optimized), to obtain an effective result, it is advisable to contact a specialized company in the sector such as Duelle Promotions, which offers an extensive digital catalog of personalized keychains within which to choose the solution able to best meet your needs. Professional support, in fact, is very important to identify the most suitable object both for the purpose (the promotion of the brand) and for the target, developing suitable solutions both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

The choice of each characterizing element (the buckle, the pendant, the gadget and the personalization itself) must be done wisely. It is essential, first of all, that the logo is clearly visible and that has an attractive design, capable of attracting attention; secondly, the eventual gadgets additional must meet the taste of those who will receive it. Opting for a bottle opener instead of a USB stick largely depends on the type of customer (or prospect) to whom the keychain will be distributed. Nonetheless, even the selection of recycled or recovered materials can help increase the overall impact of the accessory and its ability to clearly convey the identity of the brand used for personalization.

How to use key rings in promotional campaigns

In order for a simple keychain to be effectively able to make its own contribution to the promotional strategies implemented by the brand, it must have some fundamental prerogatives.

La quality of construction and manufacturing it is certainly an essential requirement; a poor product does nothing but create a negative association between the physical object and the promoted brand. There functionality it is the second aspect on which to intervene adequately: gadgets made for promotional purposes cannot be simple trappings but must be distinguished by their practical nature; in this way, they are 'usable' in a greater variety of contexts and, consequently, favor the circulation of the brand. In this sense, it may be useful to rely on the principles of visual marketing, which recognizes the physical object not only a practical function but also the ability to convey a message capable of transmitting the identity of the brand and the values ​​that distinguish it.

Finally, the compatibility it is another of the factors to be taken into account; the gadgets must present solutions 'suitable' for the target to which the promotional initiative is aimed.

Beyond the practical realization, the promotional gadgets must be placed inside an appropriate distribution channel, in order to reach a wide audience and implement a wide-ranging strategy.

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