NordVPN review: how it works

Have you ever thought about signing up for a VPN service? In this guide we will see what is e how it works NordVPN, the most popular VPN service in the world.

NordVPN is the most active company and most appreciated by over 12 million users. It has over 5450 servers in 60 countries and not only offers great attention to user data security but also combines functionality and performance unrivaled on the market.

NordVPN review

Finding what are the most important VPN networks from a reliability point of view is not easy. NordVPN, however, is considered one of the best free VPNs due to its simplicity and security.

One of the biggest points in favor of the service is its ability to adapt to many different devices and operating systems: with the network provided by NordVPN, it is in fact possible to surf from smartphones, tablets and PCs in complete safety.

Furthermore, the service can be configured on Smart TVs, even when these are supported by systems Android, NASRaspberry Pi. This wide usability is intended to provide the user with maximum security when using devices that do not have VPN support, as happens in some models of Smart TV or Apple TV.

With NordVPN you can protect yourself while using computers with an operating system Windows, MacOS e Linux and browser extensions Chrome e Firefox.

But how much does it cost to access the service? Below, a clarification on the subscription costs.

NordVPN pricing

The NordVPN service offers several solutions for users. Proposes the connection for the duration of:

  • One month at a cost of € 10,64 per month.
  • Six months at a cost of € 8,01 per month.
  • Two years at a cost of € 3,30 per month;

These offers allow you to use NordVPN on six devices at the same time and include the 30 day guarantee which allows you to withdraw from the contract. It is also possible to include extras to the purchased plans, such as the use of the application North Locker for file encryption.

Find the updated NordVPN price list on this page.

In order to purchase one of the plans that are available, click on one of them, enter the e-mail address in the form that is proposed, choose the payment method and enter the billing information. The payment methods that NordVPN accepts are PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Debit Card e Criptovalute.

How NordVPN works

How does NordVPN work? The modes may change depending on the device you are connecting from. Let's deepen the topic.

How to use NordVPN on PC

Those who intend to use NordVPN on their PC and use the Windows operating system must connect to the official website and click on "Download". When the download ends, the executable file opens and then you have to click on the "SI", Then on"install", And wait for all the program files to be installed and then on"Finish".

Those who use the Mac must click on Mac App Store, visit the NordVPN website and click "Install". In order to do this, you must have the password of theApple ID.

To be able to operate NordVPN and to be able to browse online in a secure mode, you need to start the software that has been installed and click on "Sign up as a new user”If an account has not yet been registered. If, on the other hand, the plan has already been purchased, you only need to enter your credentials to access.

How to use NordVPN on smartphones and tablets

NordVPN manages to protect online browsing even on smartphones and tablets. The process takes place quickly. In fact, in order to install the program, you need to launch the NordVPN app, available for both Android that for iOS, and then log in with a few clicks.

Specifically, those with an Android device must open the Play Store and download the NordVPN app in order to start the download. Those who, on the other hand, have an iPhone or an iPad must open the App Store, search for NordVPN and install it.

Once the app is present on the device, click on "Log In". Those who do not yet have an account must click on "Agree & Continue”And fill in the form indicating your email and password.

Those who download the App can choose the plan that must be subscribed and also activate a free trial.

This service allows you to protect navigation on your smartphone or tablet through the click of a single button: "Quick Connect". NordVPN then automatically chooses the fastest VPN server and connects to it. It is also possible to choose the VPN server "manually" and to do this you have to choose the available country.

How do I use NordVPN on other devices

As we anticipated before, among the advantages of using a service like NordVPN we find the possibility of continuing to use devices or browser extensions that we use in everyday life.

As far as browser extensions are concerned, NordVPN offers safe ones for Chrome e Firefox with the intention of benefiting the user who chooses these two systems, lean on the processes that precede the moment of connection and obviously beat the competition through the efficiency shown.

Users who choose NordVPN are in fact allowed to select the geographical position to occupy, connect and disconnect without ever leaving the browser window. It will be an auto connect button to act and select the server to continue with, unless of course the choice of location is revised.

In this regard, it is necessary to specify that there is no opportunity to choose the server independently: the service, however, will take care of selecting the best among those available.

The system is among the best because of its ability to immediately ensure the customer the best and make everything just a click away. To achieve the goal, NordVPN's offering is built around the quality connection and safety. The final result, as can also be seen from the opinions of those who have tried the service, is of the best, and allows you to perform anonymous searches or access the video catalogs of the different digital platforms that are not available in our country.

Further information

The biggest point in favor of the service provided by NordVPN lies in the guaranteed safety. In fact, even if someone were to succeed in trying to establish themselves in the network used by the user, they would still not be able to access the same session, thus avoiding the risk of a privacy violation.

NordVPN's hermetic system is the reason so many users prefer it. Service efficiency, connection speed and the ability to use multiple devices also make a difference.

Performance and performance

Sometimes when a provider shows itself so efficient in the security rules, it turns out to be inefficient in performance, which is weak in connection speed. We can firmly say that this is not the case. NordVPN's service proves to be one of the best performing, even managing to allow connections to over 50 servers. Each of the following servers is perfectly localized and allows for great download speeds: a significant advantage, which becomes even more important in VPN networks.

Another thing that must be counted among the advantages of this network is the assistance service, which is extremely efficient. By referring to the internet site of the network, within the support area, it is possible to find all the information necessary for a possible and rapid resolution of problems. Articles, posts and answers will take care of providing the user with everything he needs. The research section helps to find the solution to a specific problem in a very short time.

Speaking of performance, however, it must be said that NordVPN is one of the best services you can use to solve the problem of geoblocking. Even though many VPN networks say they do the same, in fact, this type of promise turns out to be far from true. This is because the most solid platforms have learned to protect themselves, becoming increasingly difficult to circumvent.

NordVPN, however, turns out to be among the best VPNs for Spain when you want to overcome the territorial limits of a giant like Netflix, which usually constitutes the most difficult impediment.

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