Mobilegeddon: the new Google algorithm for mobile devices

From today Google will favor pages optimized for smartphones and tablets. This change could have negative effects on 40% of the main sites.

April 21 is the day of Google's new algorithm, officially announced, called by SEO experts: Mobilegeddon.

Google searches in smartphones and tablets are now in strong growth e enhance the mobile version of the site to the detriment of those who still use only the desktop one has become a priority.

The changes made by Google will have a major impact on search results. Practically the new algorithm will favor mobile friendly websites in mobile searches.

To check if your site is compatible with mobile devices, Google has made available a page at this address, where you can test how well your site is optimized for smartphones and tablets.

After entering the site URL, at the top of the page, just click on Analyze to see whether to run for cover and worry about the arrival of the new algorithm or sleep peacefully.

In this regard, however, Google has released one Guide to mobile devices for webmasters and one page Principles of Site Design your Web Fundamentals.

In case of errors, highlighted by the results of the analysis of compatibility with mobile devices, you can check how well your pages are optimized for mobile devices by accessing the Webmaster Tools of Google.

For further support on the mobile friendly world you can also consult the Webmaster Support Forum or the Official Community.

In conclusion the Mobilegeddon risks undermining many sites that have not had time to adapt. Already on Friday we will be able to witness a possible drop in position, in the ranking of the responses of the search engine, of noble sites.  

The change of algorithm could mainly affect European sites (Spain in particular), given that Google controls about 90% of the search market on the Old Continent.

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