Make video montages with the YouTube video editor

The panel editor video di YouTube allows for the uninitiated to cut and stitch our frames, insert transitions, add titles and music. In addition to our videos it is possible to use the videos of others even if under a Creative Commons license.

Let's see how to use the YouTube portal video editor

After logging in with our account, let's go in Video Management. From the side menu we choose Creation tools and then Video editor. The main screen with timeline and various assets will appear.

We arrange the clips on the timeline

In the box at the top left we put a name to the project and drag the clips to work on from the resource area to the timeline, placing them in the order we want.

We play the movie in the preview window to see if we like it and immediately after we make the necessary cuts: on the timeline we click on the scissors that appear in the center of the clip.

When the clip is highlighted, we place the scissors in the point that interests us and cut with a click. Let's adjust the duration of the clip by dragging the edges.

Let's add fades and lyrics

Without leaving the created project, we insert transactions in our montage by clicking on the icon ><: a transaction panel with 16 types of effects will appear.

How to enter and settle a transaction

In the timeline we drag the transaction we want by dropping it between two clips. The number at the bottom of the transition indicates the duration In seconds and frames, we can adjust it by dragging the edges of the transaction itself. To delete it just click on X.

Insert and format titles

By clicking on the icon at the top "a”The Text panel will appear with 5 different types of effects. Drag the effect onto the timeline by dropping it on a clip, between two clips or between a transaction and a clip. It will appear with editing options on the right.

Now we just have to write the text in the appropriate window by setting type, size, color of the font and background. After editing, you can click on the button Public located at the top right.

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