How Zimbra the modern open source email client works

Are you looking for a free and complete open source email client? Do you want to read and write messages with a normal email client that can synchronize emails, contacts and calendars between Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and so on? Then it's time to introduce yourself to Zimbra, the ideal email client for companies and individuals who daily manage workflows by exchanging and sharing emails, files, documents and much more.

You want to find out how Zimbra works ? Make yourself comfortable and keep reading because while reading you will be able to discover all the features and potential of Ilger's Zimbra suite.


Today email has become fundamental in many different areas, the Zimbra collaborative system is increasingly establishing itself as an open source platform for companies, individuals, public, government and education bodies and allows not only to share activities and documents, but also to include emails, address books, group and personal calendars which can be accessed through the Zimbra Web client, through other email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, and finally through Android, iOS, Windows Mobile mobile devices and so on.

The Zimbra suite was created to be used also on smartphones and tablets, facilitating file sharing and the sending and receiving of messages, calendar and appointment reminders. By configuring Zimbra on your mobile devices you will comfortably access your email account to manage your personal and business data.

Zimbra is an open source email client based on a modern and flexible platform designed for virtualization and incloud infrastructures. Through a simple, innovative web interface with many features, it simplifies the management of your emails and the daily workflow. Not only that, Zimba offers a communication and instant messaging system with answering machine, voice calls, chat and other features. It is also possible to configure the communication suite according to your needs, optimizing its tools and integrating it with external applications, web services (including Facebook and Twitter) and management applications such as SAP and Oracle.


The use of Zimbra gives considerable advantages in every respect and which can be simplified as follows:

  • Automatic email archiving with message clustering by user, group, date and validity.
  • Protection from spam and viruses, thanks to the tools integrated into Zimbra Hosting.
  • Message security and privacy through an encryption system.
  • Cloud service on dedicated servers managed in a protected environment.
  • Fast synchronization with all mobile devices in a bidirectional way of messages, contacts and calendars.
  • Sharing documents, calendar, email, instant messanging with anyone you want.
  • Quick saving and retrieval of messages (backup and restored service) with indication of date and time for restoration.
  • Integration with web-based information systems through native Zimbra applications (Zimlet).
  • 24/7 technical assistance with also SMS and remote support.

Consider that already more than 5 thousand companies in the public sector and over 100 million users worldwide are using Zimbra Collaboration Suite whose flexibility, cost-effectiveness, freedom of combination with other traditional clients and flexibility make it the best software for managing mail and group calendar.


La Zimbra Collaboration Suite allows you to manage all the functions you need to work through a user-friendly Web interface: E-mail, Address Book, Calendar, Tasks and Documents. Through this platform you can share information, work in a team and use any device connected to the network.

Alternatively you can download and install the client mail Zimbra on your PC and run the program to configure your account. To set it from the desktop, enter your e-mail address in the drop-down menu and continue adding your personal details. Then set the synchronization of contacts and diary and that's it.

Here are the main clients from which you can access Zimbra mail:

  • Microsoft Outlook Express in POP/IMAP
  • Microsoft Outlook in POP/IMAP
  • Mozilla Thunderbird in POP/IMAP
  • Apple Mail in POP/IMAP
  • Microsoft Outlook in ActiveSync
  • Microsoft Outlook with the MAPI connector


If you have an Android smartphone, you can configure Zimbra's mail in two ways: Exchange o IMAP. The first is useful if you need to synchronize not only email but also contacts and calendar.

To synchronize you must have an active data connection on your Android Nougat 7 smartphone and go to Settings> Cloud Account> Accounts> Add Account and select the app E-mail. Enter your e-mail address and password and then click on Log in. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and set the required fields and then continue, leaving the check box for Use secure connection (SSL).

At the end, go back to the account created and check the services to be synchronized: Activities, Calendar, Contacts, E-mail.

If you want to set up a Zimbra mail account with IMAP follow the same steps described above and instead of selecting Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, choose IMAP and set the following connection parameters:

With SSL certificate
Inbound Mail Server

  • (POP3 or IMAP) - requires SSL:
  • Use SSL: Yes
  • POP3 port: 995
  • IMAP port: 993

Outbox Server

  • (SMTP) - requires TLS / SSL:
  • Use Authentication: Yes
  • Usa TLS/SSL: Si
  • Port: 465 with SSL
  • Port: 587 with TLS
  • Account Name: Full email address (including domain @
  • Email address Full email address (including domain @
  • Password: Password provided

Without SSL certificate
Inbound Mail Server

  • (POP3 or IMAP) - requires SSL:
  • Usa SSL: No
  • POP3 port: 110
  • IMAP port: 143

Outbox Server

  • (SMTP) - requires TLS / SSL:
  • smtp.iltuodominio
  • Use Authentication: Yes
  • Usa TLS / SSL: No
  • Port: 25
  • Account Name: Full email address (including domain @
  • Email address Full email address (including domain @
  • Password: Password provided

For more information you can always contact an Ilger expert or request a demo.

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