How SPID - Public Digital Identity System works

SPID, the Public Digital Identity System is the new public system for using any function of the Public Administration online. You can request SPID for free and start using it right away. Read on because I will reveal to you how SPID works, the Public Digital Identity System.

After the advent of the Certified Electronic Mail (PEC), which allows you to send communications with the same value as a registered letter with return receipt, and the National Service Card (CNS), to consult the health data concerning you, the Public Administration has decided to provide a single method of access to its many services, guaranteeing the security and protection of privacy.

How SPID works and what it is for

SPID is a service currently used by 292 administrations and while the services available through the digital identifier are about 648. SPID is used to avoid going to a public office and requesting a certain practice and allows the Public Administration to be sure of your personal details.

SPID provides three levels of identity:

  • Username and password;
  • Username, password and temporary code (alphanumeric);
  • Not yet active, activation date 2017 (the Public Administration for that year will have to provide access to its services via SPID).

How to request SPID

To apply for SPID, you must provide certain proof that it is you. To register a SPID you must contact the certified verifiers. These are companies recognized by the Agency for Digital Spain as identity providers or Identity Providers called idP for brevity. At present, the activities registered in the list are:

  • TIM
  • Post
  • InfoCert

The methods for identification vary according to the certifying body. If you already take advantage of technologies and services that require digital identity recognition, such as the digital signature or the National Service Card, to obtain SPID you can use the same systems and therefore smart-cards with its reader or the USB key with the digital signature. While TIM does not provide for different systems, InfoCert and Poste instead. The first also allows the use of the webcam. By framing the face and providing the data of a document. However, this method is subject to a fee: approximately 37 euros.

Poste instead for those who do not have a digital identity provides in-person recognition. All you have to do is go to one of its offices in person and show up with an identity card.

SPID can be used with any device: PC, smartphone and tablet, and will allow you to make medical reservations, school enrollments and much more. All with a username, password and alphanumeric code.

If you want to know what are the services of the institutional sites that use SPID you can connect to this page, to view the engines that exploit the digital identity.

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