7 useful company gadgets to give to employees in smart working

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A lot has changed in the last year due to the pandemic, but giving gadgets to company employees remains a tradition that continues to be carried on. It is in fact a custom that almost all companies adopt, with the aim of honoring the staff for the work done. As for the type of gadget, nowadays there is really spoiled for choice because they are many objects that can be customized with the company logo and that are actually useful.

This year, however, gadgets in particular are becoming popular, perfect for those companies that have smart working employees. Not simple gifts but real resources for those who recently found themselves working from home, with all the difficulties and advantages that have resulted.

So let's see which are the best gadgets to give to employees in smart working in 2022: original but above all useful ideas, to be personalized with your company logo.

# 1 USB stick

Among the technological accessories always useful for those who work in smart working we find the classic USB key, which allows you to save your files in an external space. It is therefore a real digital archive, which for an employee working from home can prove to be really practical. By now in the best corporate gadget portals you can find all kinds of them: there are cheap customized USB sticks as well as the more sophisticated ones and often you can also choose the capacity, based on the budget you have and the needs of your employees. Small, comfortable and always very useful, USB sticks remain among the staff's most appreciated gifts therefore it is worth taking them into consideration.

# 2 Personalized bluetooth earphones

Remaining in the field of technological corporate gadgets, bluetooth headsets are also very useful for employees who work in smart working. In fact, between videoconferences and various calls, the webcam is often turned on but not everyone has a microphone built into the PC and this can be a problem for many. Personalized earphones are therefore an excellent gift idea for their employees, who will certainly appreciate them and if they really won't use them for work they can still use them on many other occasions in their free time.

# 3 Briefcases

To organize your home office, a document folder is absolutely essential because it allows you to keep all the papers in order, which despite the advent of digital continue to be present on the desk of smart workers. Here it is then a beautiful personalized briefcase can turn out to be an excellent corporate gadget to give to employees who work from home, useful and not overly demanding.

# 4 Personalized antibacterial pen

The pen is perhaps the most classic of corporate gadgets and certainly not particularly original as a gift for your employees. However, today there are special types of pens, with antibacterial properties because on their surface there are static microbial agents. Of course, these are much less banal corporate gadgets than the classic pen and in this particular period they could be an excellent option to surprise employees with a unique and particular gift.

# 5 Desk set

To stay on the chip but give employees a useful gadget also and above all in smart working, the desk set. Generally inside there are adhesive tape, hole-sheets, pins and stapler but there are various types depending on the area in which you operate. The cost of desk sets is generally not very high and these too can be customized, in order to give smart workers something that actually turns out to be useful for them without spending excessive amounts.

# 6 Custom mouse

Well yes, even the mouse is one of the most appreciated and requested gadgets by the smart workers themselves, who use this technological object whenever they are in front of the PC. It is therefore something indispensable, which most of the staff already possess because it would be impossible to do without it. It is true, however, that a new mouse, with the company logo, could always be useful, especially if you choose it without wires.

# 7 Custom USB Hub

Finally, another gadget that can be customized with the company logo to give to your employees in smart working is the USB hub which turns out to be really useful. In fact, if connected to the PC, it allows you to have additional ports available, so as not to have problems using the various devices such as the mouse (if not wireless), the keyboard and so on. For many smart workers this is a truly valuable item, therefore it is worth taking it into consideration: employees could really appreciate it very much and its cost is by no means exaggerated. Also in this case, of course, you can customize it to your liking with the logo.

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