How to send or receive faxes with your PC

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Some computers integrate fax functions, or rely on multifunction printers that also do the fax job. Windows has the necessary tools for sending, receiving and managing faxes.

How to send or receive faxes with your PC

If you do not have these functions, you can still take advantage of the internet to use one of the many sites for free faxing.

Windows Fax and Scan

To access the Windows fax functions just click on the menu Home and choose item Windows Fax and Scan da All programs. The initial procedure involves the choice between a fax modem, which is a device connected to the PC or integrated, and a fax service on the network. In this case we will have to indicate the server that hosts it.

Once configured, the program allows you to send faxes and compile their content as with any word processor. We can also add images.

If we have decided not to do without a scanner and have one connected to our PC, Windows can help us control everything from one place, by scanning and faxing it right away. 

The best online services to send faxes

Service Fax it involves installing a virtual printer on your computer. We will then be able to send three faxes per day for free, for a maximum total of 20 faxes per month.

Tiscali provides a fax service accessible in two different ways: one Light it's one Premium. The Light service is free for four mailings. The Premium version, on the other hand, costs € 50 a year for 50 mailings and free reception.

The fax made available by Axiatel allows you to try the fax by e-mail service for 30 days for free before requesting a subscription. The advantage is that there is no program to install - it's all via the Web.

Also Vodafone, provides a fax in two distinct versions. The a Canon, for € 3 per month only for Vodafone ADSL subscribers. The a Consumption, for non-subscribers, it costs € 2,50 for each single fax.

The fax of Freefax offers a service where faxes can be sent via e-mail. Freefax, gives away three mailings a month, but it is possible to subscribe. The cost of the subscription is 60 € per month and the use is unlimited.

MyFax, allows you to send free faxes online in dozens of countries. The service is free, provided you send a maximum of two faxes per day with the following limits: no longer than nine pages and no heavier than 10 MB.

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