How to use Skype with two different accounts

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You need to create a secondary account with Skype? Do you want use Skype with two different accounts so as not to confuse private life with work life? Do you want to be reached by both friends and colleagues at the same time? Read this post and you will find the solution.

Until recently, to open two Skype accounts at the same time it was necessary to install special software. Today things have changed and use Skype with two different accounts it's very simple.

We launch a first instance of Skype and log in. We open the prompt for DOS pressing Win + R and type cmd followed by Enter. Now let's type the command “C:Program Files (x86)SkypePhoneSkype.exe” /secondary and we reward Submit.

Another solution is to create a special link: let's open Explore Resources and double-click C: Programs (x86) (if we have 64-bit Windows) or Programs (if we have 32-bit Windows) > Skype > Phone.

We click with the right mouse button on Skype.exe, then up Send to e Desktop (create shortcut). Click on the new link with the right mouse button and choose the item Property. In the new window we press the button , Or the space bar and change the address of the file by typing / secondary. In this way the path will become “C:Program Files (x86)SkypePhoneSkype.exe” /secondary. Click on OK.

If we use a 32-bit version of the Skype operating system we will have it instead “C: Program FilesSkypePhoneSkype.exe” / secondary.

In this way you will have a second instance of Skype completely independent from the first.

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