How to evaluate a site's reputation with WoT (Web of Trust)

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Looking for a tool for evaluate the reputation of a site? Do you want to protect yourself from the malicious sites you are visiting?

On the net there are several tools that analyze internet sites before taking us to its pages, one of them is Wot (Web of Trust). This is a free service that can be installed on Firefox e Chrome as an add-on. You can download it from

The reliability and reputation of a site it is a criterion that can be evaluated by users; WoT in fact collects the reports of thousands of Internet users to index addresses. This allows you to register your security settings up to effective parental control.

But let's see how it works: connect to the site indicated above and click on Download. Once downloaded, launch the program's executable file and follow the installation instructions. We restart the browser if requested and select the security settings. WoT has a basic filter which shows the results of the assessments with pop-up windows, and also a level of parental control, which comes to block unsuitable sites. To complete the installation and access the features of WoT we have to check us and fill out a form or log in using your Facebook profile.

How to use WoT

We type in the address bar the coordinates we want the browser to point to, WoT will act as a filter and will check its archive when the site is loaded. Once the site we want to visit is loaded, WoT will provide us with a fact sheet on the site indicating the quality and the possible presence of threats thanks to the reporting of other users.

If we do a search on Google, next to the links we will find theWoT circular icon which will show us a preview of the evaluation form of each site.

If we have not activated the parental control filter, when we are about to access a potentially dangerous site WoT will warn us of the threat. It will be up to us to decide whether to continue or not.

By viewing the details and comments of a site, we can also rate it by clicking on Rate The Website. We enter a grade via the rating bars and add a comment.

At any time we can change the WoT settings by going to Tools> Add-ons. Let's click Wot and then options. The changes will be saved automatically.

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