How to use hashtags on Facebook

After Twitter, Instagram and other social networks, the hashtag they also landed on Facebook. A hashtag is nothing more than a custom label that allows you to categorize posts.

In Facebook to insert a hashtag you have to type a word or a combination of linked words preceded by the # symbol.

For example, if you write a post you can insert a hashtag or hashtags in the title in order to categorize your post, the important thing is that if you decide to write more hashtags avoid leaving the space between one hashtag and another. Writing #Music #Rock will create a hashtag only for the first word, the rest will be considered as the body of the message, if instead we write #Music # Rock, Facebook will consider all the words that make up the hashtag.

Hashtags can be inserted into your posts, but as Facebook turns them into links, by clicking on it you can view all the posts related to the type of hashtag typed. Of course we will see the posts of our friends or the posts of those who set the privacy level on public.

We can, therefore, decide whether to set our message, containing a hashtag, as public or as intended only for our friends.

In Facebook search bar, you can type the hashtags, preceded by the # symbol, and select the results that appear in the autocomplete menu to view all those public posts that contain the hashtag you typed in the published message.

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